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VESTED INTERESTS - My Essay on Wayne Swan's best self - created Cliche.


I seek no commentary on the former Australian Labor Party's Wayne Swan beyond pointing out what must be known to keen political students. Wayne abused, misused and in disparate ways abominated so many basic concepts that that he effectively made them cliches. Like his arguable favourite phrase 'Vested interests.' Swan wrecked the VI phrase.

Indeed the former Australian Treasurer was arguably the worst performer in  two governments that are plainly the worst in international / mainstream democratic history. Some kudos: I guess that is why Euro magazine named hin the world's best treaurer!

Herein I try to advise the reader why it is only in Wayne's World that it is credible for a Treasurer to bleat about 'VESTED INTERESTS' in the way he often did.

  • Swan was invariably talking about business - a la their 'Vested interests.
  • Business invariably has interessts - they are of the 'vested' kind: it is the indubitable, logical corollary that they indeed will promote their interests. That is the way of the business world!
  • The way W's mind works - it seems acceptable to denounce business for having business - interests.
  • Only a sociaslist twirp could think like that and not have the nous to realize that he thus discredits himself.
  • Only a socialist party of the above kind could be so inept as to have no one to tell Swan to cease using this moronic moniker.
  • Only a socialist party of the above kind could have Prime Ministers... ditto
  • Only a socialist party of the above kind could have elected Swan to the leading financial position in the first place.
  • Only a socialist party of the above kind could have failed to realize that Swan was daily discrediting them by merely, gainlessly being Wayne Swan.
  • He survived for years! I cannot get my mind around this alone. It possibly is a reasonable way of delienating how hopeless Labor was.
  • And yet they seamlessly continue the same way in opposition. What is so wrong with socialism: is it that they become so ensconsed with the proletariat that their collective and collective brains cease to function?
  • Indeed one has to worry about the electorate as well: around 50% of them are similasry constrained
Then again they were all clueless in all elements including use and abuse of words and concepts.
Denier [Climate Change obscenity!]
There are so many examples resident in my blogs and elsewhere!
A didactic analysis will have to wait another day.

Geoff Seidner

Just one great example:


Leftist jargon is village idiocy

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