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Letters The Oz 19/12

Human rights appointment is overdue

THE row over the appointment of Tim Wilson to the Human Rights Commission illustrates the challenges the progressive side of politics faces in the future.
THE appointment of Tim Wilson to the Human Rights Commission is an excellent first step in the overdue reform of this renegade agency ("Row over freedom of speech job", 18/12).
However, it is wrong to claim this will restore balance because the commission remains under the control of bureaucrats pursuing a Labor-Greens agenda with a commitment to statist intervention in many areas of life in our society.
These apparatchiks have made it clear they are eager to use the powers of the commission to attack anyone who threatens or questions this agenda.
Good luck to Mr Wilson but there is still much to be done if our basic liberties are to be reclaimed.
Merv Bendle, Inverloch, Vic

Party political appointments are nothing new for the Right or Left, and something that we can't control unless stricter guidelines are put in place. What we can control is our reaction and engagement with appointees.
Listening achieves more than condemning. Rather than putting someone in a box, we should encourage them to think outside the box. It's time to put down the loud hailer and extend a hand if we are to win hearts and minds in this political cycle.
Alex Greenwich, independent state MP for Sydney, Paddington, NSW
THE hostility over the appointment of Tim Wilson to the Human Rights Commission by those on the Left shows just how intolerant they are of the views of many Australians who would support his appointment.
A robust, civilised disagreement of opinion is out of the question for them. These people presume ownership of the "progressive" version of morality and wisdom; their tactic is to demonise as evil anyone holding a contrary outlook.
They would love to shut down discussion of freedom of speech to establish ideological control over those whom they despise. It is especially rich of Greens spokeswoman Penny Wright to presume to speak for all Australians when she belongs to a party supported by barely a tenth of the voting population.
Ian Mastin, Woodgate Beach, Qld
THREE cheers for the appointment of Tim Wilson to the Human Rights Commission. His appearances on the ABC as the token conservative are a welcome relief from the Greens-Left group-think of other commentators.
His sharp intellect and classical liberal perspective will ensure that his contribution to the debate over individual liberty will be invaluable.
E. Baxter, Pullenvale, Qld
FINALLY, someone who has another opinion is appointed to the Human Rights Commission. The previous Labor-Greens government loaded the deck with their people over the past six years. Voices of dissent have been effectively silenced on our ABC.
Tim Wilson will move towards addressing the imbalance in our freedoms. We are the lucky country, but it is not before time that we should show some individual and personal responsibility as well as human rights.
Neville Wright, Kilcunda, Vic
I SUPPORT Tim Wilson's appointment. His goal should be to unite Left and Right. We should relearn the wisdom of Voltaire's maxim and defend the freedoms of those whose views we oppose.
Far more speech-chilling work is done by a plethora of federal, state and territory laws similar to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Only a freedom of political communication act that overrides those laws can ever be effective. Legislation could be enacted after July with support from libertarians in the Senate without Greens-Left support.
Graham Hyde, Adelaide, SA

Last Post, December 19

What is with the confected outrage from the Left over the appointment of a lone conservative to the Human Rights Commission?
After all, Labor has been stacking public positions with mates for the past six years. I welcome more such appointments to restore some balance.
David Edwards, Chapel Hill, Qld
I know nothing about Tim Wilson, but judging by the outrage in Greens, Twitter and ABC circles, his appointment to the Human Rights Commission must be a smart pick.
David Meredith, Singleton, NSW
It is refreshing to see someone appointed to the Human Rights Commission who actually believes in human rights and not human control.
Iain Rae, River Heads, Qld
Given the cacophonous condemnation of freedom of speech advocate Tim Wilson's appointment to the Human Rights Commission, it is clear that those on the Left (including the ABC) do not believe free speech to be a human right.
Andrew Lake, Edwardstown, SA
I must say that opposition Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen and his colleagues are doing a great job of scaring the community witless with wild tales of the horrors looming under the Tony Abbott regime.
John Vautin, Kilcoy, Qld
I swear Tim Winton could write me out a parking ticket and make me feel proud ("Wide brown land", 14-15/12). The man has a capacity for words matching the country he loves.

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