Sunday, 29 December 2013

26/12 - More Labor hypocrisy letter

More Labor hypocrisy


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TO describe the opposition as showing breathtaking hypocrisy fails to do justice to its high achievements.
The latest addition to Labor's curriculum vitae in the field of hypocrisy is the claim that Tim Wilson's appointment to the Human Rights Commission by Attorney-General George Brandis signals a "blatant political agenda" ("Brandis fends off demands to fund Wilson salary", 24/12) . This is from a political party with an almost unimpeachable record of appointments of union officials, industrial lawyers, Labor mates and family members to superannuation boards, quangos, the judiciary, the Fair Work Commission and God knows what else.
Hypocrisy is pernicious. It erodes the reservoir of esteem in which the public holds politicians -- assuming a few puddles remain.
Mark Awerbuch, North Adelaide, SA

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