Sunday, 29 December 2013

28/12 - The ultimate cant letter.. great

The ultimate cant


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MANY thanks to Jennifer Oriel for the link to Immanuel Kant's trenchant views on those who would circumscribe our liberty. ("Left fights a rearguard action against liberty", 26/12).
To do so in the name of equality and prevention of hurt is the ultimate cant.
The appointment of Tim Wilson as Human Rights Commissioner was always going to bring the usual suspects out of the woodwork, all wearing different hats, but not one of which you'd trust in a fowl yard.
Thanks also to Wilson for his part in shooting down the proposed legislation of the Nicola Roxon cabal which would have made it an offence for me to utter and The Australian to publish these comments. Sapere aude, indeed.
Kay Coltman, Geelong, Vic

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