Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Some yarn: Julia Gillard knits a royal roo

Julia Gillard
Julia Gillard, posing for The Australian Women's Weekly, is knitting a woollen kangaroo for the royal baby. Courtesy: The Australian Women's Weekly / Grant Matthews Source: Supplied
SHE is both a republican and a trail-blazing feminist, but Julia Gillard has chosen to portray "a different" side of herself to the electorate, revealing she is knitting a toy kangaroo for the royal baby, due next month.
In a candid interview to be published tomorrow, the Prime Minister reflects on what she hopes will be her legacy. She posed with her knitting needles and her dog Reuben in a shoot for The Australian Women's Weekly, admitting that the experience felt "slightly absurd".
"My life is full of the engagements that politics brings and some of them are quite combative engagements," Ms Gillard told the Weekly.
"I don't shy away from that. If there is something I hope I have done for the image of women in public life (it) is that we can go into an adversarial environment like parliament and we can dominate it and make it our own, and conquer it. I don't shy away from that. But that's not all of me."
The Prime Minister said pulling out her knitting needles offered an opportunity to show another side of her personality.
"I can't imagine Laurie Oakes saying 'hmmm, knitting patterns'," she said. "What are you working on at the moment?"
Her spin doctors agree: the request to be photographed purling and knitting came from her office.
"It was a no-brainer," communications director John McTernan said of the decision.
Her previous shoots with the Weekly have presented a far less domestic image, with tailored suits and corporate style gracing the magazine's cover. This photo shoot and interview are published on an inside page.
Although she is knitting a gift for the child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Ms Gillard is a republican. However, she has been cool on revisiting the question of whether Australia should become a republic.
Ms Gillard yesterday told the Weekly's associate editor Caroline Overington she would look back on her time as Australia's first female prime minister with "a sense of pride and achievement".
"I think I'll be really comfortable with the choices I've made," Ms Gillard said.
She hoped she would be able "to go to a local school and say, 'gee, things are different here because of things I did so many years ago', go to a local hospital and say the same".
"Dad was incredibly proud of me becoming Prime Minister, and incredibly proud, I think, that it was him that sparked the interest in values, politics, current affairs, and particularly education," Ms Gillard said.
"What he dreamt about as a child was a fair go, a great education. He didn't get it . . . (I hope) he'd say, 'you did make a difference for Australia's kids'."
Ms Gillard said she was "not a person who agonises".
"You always look back over your life and say there are some things you might have liked to have done (differently). I think I'll be really comfortable with the choices I've made."
The Prime Minister said feminist author Germaine Greer's comments about her body shape were "catty" and "stupid".
"It demeaned her more than it demeaned me," she said.
"I do take a lot of pride in being someone who not only fought for equal opportunities for women . . . for her, given everything she stands for, everything she would have inspired, I just thought it was stupid."
Ms Gillard said people who "want to be stereotypical about women will look at (Greer's comments) and say, 'it just goes to show, it doesn't matter if it's a female prime minister and a feminist icon . . . they're just as catty as the two women down the local coffee shop' ".


  • Rhonda Phillips of Melbourne Posted at 12:17 AM Today
    Oh pleeeeze no more stupid bloody spin. It would have been better if McTiernan had her at a spinning wheel. Knitting a kangaroo for the royal baby, I have heard it all now Julia, the Real Julia, the Tough Julia, the feisty Julia, the picked on Julia, now for god's sake Grandma Julia.
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  • Gab of Melbourne Posted at 12:27 AM Today
    When she's not busy railing against men and hurling personal abuse at Abbott in Question Time, she has time to have yet another Women's Weekly photo-shoot of her knitting like a good little housewife. When does she actually have time to do her job?
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  • Tick Tock of South Melbourne Posted at 12:37 AM Today
    Just breath-takingly surreal...how many personalities is this PM going to morph into leading up to the election? The Australian public still doesn't know this woman.
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  • Rebecca Posted at 12:39 AM Today
    Gee, we see so many different Julias! Is this now the real Julia?
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  • Dallas Beaufort of Brisbane Posted at 12:48 AM Today
    Definately not Patons bluebell.
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  • peter of up the road Posted at 12:52 AM Today
    Ms Gillard is a fraud,she has now become pathetic.
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  • DoubleA of Melbourne Posted at 1:02 AM Today
    Tony Abbott's hobbies? Volunteer firefighting, volunteer surf-lifesaving, volunteer charity work with Aboriginal communities, surfing, long-distance cycling and competing in iron man triathlons. Julia Gillard's hobbies?... er, knitting.
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  • Angry Shmemley Posted at 3:04 AM Today
    Complete & utter rubbish from the labour spin machine. Just how stupid do they think Australians are?
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  • Fred Owen Posted at 3:06 AM Today
    Heavens, what's next. Tim out washing the ministerial car. Mowing the lawn at Kirribilli. I am watching this charade whilst on holidays in France. Let me tell I don't know whether to go home due to the embarrassment when the French ask me what is going on, or to stay and tough it out until after the election. Does anybody there have their hands on the economic levers?
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  • Stewart of Brisbane Posted at 5:06 AM Today
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  • JJW of Sydney Posted at 5:19 AM Today
    Im sorry I cant help it the similarity in metaphor is just too much. Didn't Dicken's Madame Defarge knit whilst important people all around her lost their heads. The backbenchers be warned.
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  • Terry of Melbourne Posted at 5:34 AM Today
    Good to see the PM is multi talented, cause after Sep14 she will have more time on her hands to knit. This article will do nothing to make me want to vote for a dysfunctional party.
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  • Dianne Posted at 6:06 AM Today
    Oh Give me a break - is this another new Julia? If they aren't talking about themselves, they are abbottabbottabbotting, or being wymmin for wymmin - Let this embarrassment end!
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  • johno Posted at 6:07 AM Today
    Ohh she is soo cringe worthy. Can we please have an adult in charge. This is beyond parody!
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  • Sean McHugh of Nowra Posted at 6:21 AM Today
    Yet another 'real' Julia.
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  • Mark the Jazz of Townsville Posted at 6:38 AM Today
    Correct McTernan It was a no-brainer! No thinking more like it. With the PM trashing the office and only days to an election where the Labor Party will be swept from government why, oh why would you think that a photo shoot of this nature would turn people back on to her? Perhaps next she can knit a scabbard.
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  • Arnie of Saskatoon Posted at 6:43 AM Today
    Is this an attempt by the Labor Party to portray the real Julia (version 4.6)? Does she even know what end of a knitting needle from the other? Sad...you cannot believe a single thing about this woman anymore.
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  • Never Ending Slow Motion Train Wreck Posted at 6:49 AM Today
    Julia knits while Australia burns.
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  • David Macoboy Posted at 6:58 AM Today
    Now I have heard everything. Julia knitting, the mind boggles. The proposition is so absurd I almost have to believe it.
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  • A real feminist of Australia Posted at 7:04 AM Today
    Gillard certainly doesn't care about women. What about the vast majority of, so-called, "Non-VR" GPs? They are women!! The plight of the (so-called) "Non-VR" GP: * Exact same work * Exact same standard of medical care * Exact same medical qualifications * Exact same patient responsibility HALF the Medicare rebates... Now that's sickening.
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  • Bris Jack Posted at 7:05 AM Today
    Germaine Greer's comments did at least get rid of "those jackets" Gillard missed another opportunity, where's Reuben's knitted coat?
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  • Bigpeteoz of Carlingford Posted at 7:06 AM Today
    Rome burns and Nero fiddles, the state of the nation is more important than this.
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  • JJ of SC Posted at 7:06 AM Today
    Fiddling while Rome burns??? When is she going to start leading the country?
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  • Rosie of Sydney Posted at 7:08 AM Today
    I hope the Women's Weekly editors are preparing a suitable counter spread on Tony Abbott with his family surrounding him, plus Maisie the dog!!
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  • Pat Pooley Posted at 7:10 AM Today
    I would much rather a sensible front page than a piece of 'fluff'. Such a posed and silly picture. She needs far better advice from her spin doctor, and a modicum of common sense. Please provide sensible and serious reporting.
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  • Hamish Posted at 7:13 AM Today
    I bet she ends up knitting a camel.
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  • Jonno of Dulwich Hill Posted at 7:14 AM Today
    Funny how the PM can use the term 'catty' but heaven help the bloke in parliament who said meow in response to Wong.
    Comment 27 of 123
  • vicki of 3136 Posted at 7:15 AM Today
    yes, what a yarn! Does this unelected PM really think us Australian Women really believe her faux knitting will warm us - definitely not - and wouldn't buy the Womens Weekly with this article appearing - PM is not for the interests of Australians - she is purely for own self interests and knitting pose is a joke
    Comment 28 of 123
  • Joan Posted at 7:22 AM Today
    A hairdo with flicks- how appropriate and timely - the most suitable hairdo for Gillard when Australians give her the Big Flick come 14th September. Australians would do better to donate their $7.00 to their favourite charity rather than pay for this phony propaganda piece. Gillard demeans herself everyday - blue ties now silly Miss Marple knitting pics. Nobody falling for Gillard line or pics.
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  • Col Posted at 7:25 AM Today
    You have got to be kidding me - What is this supposed to show - that she can do something that is actually worthwhile - knitting a jumper. Give me a break will you
    Comment 30 of 123
  • JB Posted at 7:26 AM Today
    Gillard knits while labor burns. Are there any woman in the real world who dress up and wear their pointy toed stiletto's to do a few rows of plan and pearl? Bring on the ugg boots.
    Comment 31 of 123
  • Monty of Brisbane Posted at 7:26 AM Today
    She'll be knitting lots of roos after 14 September. Having said that, Kate and William will wonder if JG is a better than knitter than PM. My theory is that she is, hands down. So, fear not, Kate, the baby is safe with its Gillard roo toy.
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  • El-Diablo of Melbourne Posted at 7:26 AM Today
    Oh my it's the new real Julia, the softer feminine one. Will the spin never end.
    Comment 33 of 123
  • Barry de Haas of vic Posted at 7:30 AM Today
    Not much anyone can say really . If this is how Australia perceives the future for it's children , being lied to , and deceived by their own Prime Minister, then Australia needs to hang it's head in shame .....if they can be bothered.
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  • vickiatvic of 3136 Posted at 7:36 AM Today
    Difficult to say who is the biggest poser, Gillard or Rudd
    Comment 35 of 123
  • Rockman of Hunter Valley Posted at 7:40 AM Today
    And she expects no comments to be made about her being a woman and yet she does a fluff piece for the women's weekly. Come on Julia, you're either a strong feisty feminist or someone we can relate to but you can't have it both ways
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  • Kevin of Burpengary Posted at 7:42 AM Today
    Can't imagine any other PM being photographed this way - but in the meantime don't focus on Gillard's gender OK?
    Comment 37 of 123
  • Michael Galbraith of Melbourne Posted at 7:48 AM Today
    Are you crazy? Who on earth put the Prime Minister in this position - knitting away... This just looks absurd. God please can we have an election now to end this ongoing embarrassment.
    Comment 38 of 123
  • Graham Hyman of Gold Coast Posted at 7:48 AM Today
    How ironic that a PM who suffers from a reputation of putting spin over substance should now use an obviously contrived scenario in a staged photograph to promote her sincerity!
    Comment 39 of 123
  • Bryan of north west Qld Posted at 7:49 AM Today
    Do us all a favour. This is just cringeworthy. If she is in fact knitting a toy kangaroo then she could just do it and not try to get media mileage. She just can't comprehend that she has made a laughing stock of the office of P.M and herself. These clumsy attempts at media spin just cement the electorates dislike of her
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  • Hatamoto Posted at 7:49 AM Today
    This just exemplifies that Gillard has no idea what she stands for. After her heavily scripted abortion/blue tie anti-man rant last week; she now plonks herself into a 50s housewife pose. This displays that she is merely as smart as the last person she spoke to. It is embarrasing and undignified for a national leader...male or female!
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  • Queenslander Posted at 7:54 AM Today
    What a joke! Vote for the Gillard government because she can knit! What planet does McTernan think Australia is on? Mars? The soap opera just gets worse.
    Comment 42 of 123
  • Melany of Melbourne Posted at 7:55 AM Today
    This is just the problem. She will " portray "anything as long as she gets the votes. This picture makes me cringe. I don't want Miss Doubtfire in the top job. I want a statesmanship figure ( male or female who cares ) that does not divide the country with a gender war and puts a wedge between our women and men. I am so glad this has backfired.
    Comment 43 of 123
  • david hadley of brisbane Posted at 8:03 AM Today
    Only five hours and six assistants for this "genuine" homespun photo. About as realistic and wasteful as anything she does.
    Comment 44 of 123
  • Jon of Adelaide Posted at 8:04 AM Today
    Now which Julia is this? With all those balls of wool and needles, it looks like a very colourful and interesting 'roo is on the way, but will she have time to finish it before 14 September?
    Comment 45 of 123
  • Amanda of Lugarno of Sydney Posted at 8:06 AM Today
    !?!?! JG looks after her balls of wool, like she manages this government! All over the place! This picture makes me want to vomit. She doesn't walk the talk and I'm utterly tired of spin. BUT... I'm willing to watch the merry-go-round for entertainment purposes; it's better than Foxtel. The only pity is this is the nations leader. I hope she, and her minions, go down with this ship. A generational hiatus is what this party needs.
    Comment 46 of 123
  • Billy Burunga of Darwin Top End NT Posted at 8:06 AM Today
    The real who? How many real Julias are there? No wonder voters have stopped listening.Desparation. As for McTernan - he should come forward and claim repsonsibilty for a lot of Gillard's failures
    Comment 47 of 123
  • Kevin of Noosa Heads Posted at 8:09 AM Today
    I nearly threw up in my Wheeties when I saw the stage managed photo in the paper this morning. The "glam" of hair blowing in the breeze contradicts the homely props. The photograph is as honest as Julia's reputation for honesty.
    Comment 48 of 123
  • robert peterson of Kunming Yunnan China Posted at 8:15 AM Today
    Ms Gillard's contribution to Australia: knit one, purl one, shaft two?
    Comment 49 of 123
  • Margaret of Brisbane Posted at 8:27 AM Today
    What a beautifully posed photo. All that multi-coloured wool lying around and all those knitting needles - about as false as the subject
    Comment 50 of 123
  • Sharon of Adelaide Posted at 8:29 AM Today
    Don't be surprised if your paper sales are down today!
    Comment 51 of 123
  • She's got to be kidding! Posted at 8:30 AM Today
    She may be a republican but when you're as desperate as Julia is for votes, you simply can't ignore the opportunity to get a few royalists to vote Labor. Pretty pathetic really.
    Comment 52 of 123
  • AP Posted at 8:32 AM Today
    Mc Ternan says a "no-brainer". A bit like the PM's other publicity stunts originating from the press office? No brainer in the sense that it wasn't thought through?
    Comment 53 of 123
  • E Martyn of Sydney Posted at 8:34 AM Today
    "slightly absurd"? Understatement of the century.
    Comment 54 of 123
  • AP Posted at 8:34 AM Today
    The dog doesn't look amused.
    Comment 55 of 123
  • Contrived propaganda shot. Posted at 8:34 AM Today
    "a different" side to Julia? Nice try but I think you'll find the voters don't like any side of her personality. We haven't liked any we've seen so far. This one included.
    Comment 56 of 123
  • Glen of Indooroopilly Posted at 8:36 AM Today
    "not a person who agonises" Does that mean she has no remorse for what she's done to Australians.
    Comment 57 of 123
  • Did McTernen write this rubbish? Posted at 8:38 AM Today
    This is just an attempt to soften her image. Good luck with that Julia.
    Comment 58 of 123
  • Spence Jamieson Posted at 8:38 AM Today
    Oh, no! This is just another aspect of the gender game muddied into an 'l love royals' message: me as the ordinary conservative, prepared to squabble over the back fence, to chat about babies and the colour of the queen's dress. It is the Dame Edna cliche. Does she take us for fools?
    Comment 59 of 123
  • MW of NT Posted at 8:43 AM Today
    Not the REAL Julia?? Shock horror!
    Comment 60 of 123
  • Carol of Melbourne Posted at 8:43 AM Today
    Well, I can't see much Kangaroo there, so she had better hurry up! The Royal baby is due in a few weeks, right?
    Comment 61 of 123
  • Anna Johnson Posted at 8:43 AM Today
    Oh dear,what next? Who is advising her? This is certain to backfire especially for the Women's Weekly. Julia Gillard has tried every ploy possible to win votes, especially those of the young and inexperienced or the older "handbag brigade". Whilst this bitter battle for leadership continues, Australia sinks further into debt,businesses close and the boats keep coming adding more of a drain to taxpayers and the nation as a whole. The picture of Granny Gillard really is the last gasp. Shades of Madam Dafarge knitting in front of the guillotine. Please can we "move forward" to concentrate on our failing economy.An early election would be a good move. Perhaps Gillard can visit the GG to call an early election rather than cede to Rudd.
    Comment 62 of 123
  • GrumpyOldWoman Posted at 8:54 AM Today
    "I can't imagine Laurie Oakes saying 'hmmm, knitting patterns ...'," Surely this is a sexist comment! So Julia knits! So what! Give me a break. I don't want to know. There are more important serious issues facing this nation, most of them brought on by Gillard/Rudd and the Labor Party. Perhaps she should turn her knitting needles to the single mums she has sent into poverty by knitting blankets to keep them and their children warm this winter. Bring on an election and let me have my chance to throw this lot out with the garbage.
    Comment 63 of 123
  • Stewart of Brisbane Posted at 9:01 AM Today
    So THIS is the 'real' Julia then?
    Comment 64 of 123
  • Glenn Duncan of Atherton Tablelands Posted at 9:03 AM Today
    Just when you think Julia can't get more phony than her past history, she always manages to sink lower and lower. Face it, Julia, the warm and homey act won't work any better than your previous inept attempts to curry favor with women. Odd how much they dislike you, isn't it?
    Comment 65 of 123
  • Annie of Hunter NSW Posted at 9:09 AM Today
    Believe me, any woman worth her salt, sits in front of a heater or fire in her oldest and most comfortable dressing gown knitting away happily with the tele on in the background. She does NOT sit fully dressed surrounded by wool (and dog) with a fan making sure her hair is blowing back. If they did that shot in her oldest and most loved dressing grown it would struck a cord with some, for most females it will bring a laugh.
    Comment 66 of 123
  • EM of nsw Posted at 9:10 AM Today
    This pose and the "candid interview" seem incongruous. The majority of Australians will not associate Gillard with schools and hospitals, only school halls, illegal immigrants and a carbon tax. It's a bit rich describing Greer as "catty" "stupid" for an unecessary but amusing observation considering her vicious attacks on Tony.
    Comment 67 of 123
  • Wagtail of S.A. Posted at 9:10 AM Today
    Madame DeFarge comes to mind. Overseeing the destruction of a ruling class. The Labour party deserves better ?
    Comment 68 of 123
  • Mike Posted at 9:15 AM Today
    Ms Gillard took five hours out of her schedule on May 25 to pose for the photograph at a studio in Alexandria. Six prime ministerial staffers, including personal stylists and make-up artists, accompanied Ms Gillard to the shoot. The PM brought several changes of outfit but ended up choosing clothes selected by Women's Weekly. "I think I can explain (why I'm doing it)," Ms Gillard tells the Weekly about posing for the photograph. "If there is something I hope that I've done for the image of women in public life is that we can go into an adversarial environment like parliament and we can dominate it and make it our own, and we can conquer it." Despite being an avowed republican, Gillard said she was happy to knit a royal baby's gift. "I just thought it would be cute," she told the Weekly. "A cute project to work on." During the actual photographic session, Ms Gillard seemed to have second thoughts. As she took her place in the armchair and took up the knitting needles, the Prime Minister told staffers: "This feels slightly absurd."
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  • Chez of Flynn ACT Posted at 9:17 AM Today
    I'm afraid if Ms Gillard thinks sitting and knitting a cuddly kangaroo for the Royal Baby will make me vote for her, then all I can say is "tell her she's dreaming"! She looks about as much domesticated as I would look Prime Ministerial!
    Comment 70 of 123
  • Nauseating! Posted at 9:18 AM Today
    As if all those photo opportunities in schools, surrounded by children, weren't bad enough. This is ridiculous! Demeaning to all concerned. Gillard included.
    Comment 71 of 123
  • Julia, the domestic goddess! Posted at 9:22 AM Today
    Aaaaaahhhhhhh! How sweet! And look at all those knitting needles. And the dog. Does this photo make anyone else feel sick?
    Comment 72 of 123
  • Phil of Melbourne Posted at 9:28 AM Today
    I'm with you all the way PM Gillard!! ...with your knitting that is!!!!
    Comment 73 of 123
  • Greg Greg Grumbly Posted at 9:31 AM Today
    I am so sick of Gillard's spin. One minute she is the 'feisty modern woman' the next my Aunt Bethel. How many of her 'Hard Working Australians' would have time to spend 5 hours doing a photo shoot in Sydney along with all of her entourage of hairdressers, wardrobe, kicking coach..... How much did this cartoon cost the taxpayer? Roll on September!!
    Comment 74 of 123
  • WTF Posted at 9:34 AM Today
    Four pages of sycophantic drivel in The Telegraph on Flouro Man and adoring family, one sneering column in the Oz on our Prime Minister. Clive Palmer at least got that bit right - a promise to the schoolyard bully to do whatever it takes to instal him in the Lodge. I wonder what the return promise was - total control of our media instead of just a miserly 75%?
    Comment 75 of 123
  • Motman of Toowoomba Posted at 9:34 AM Today
    Is there no end to what this woman will do, she will do anything to win an election except resign
    Comment 76 of 123
  • Bill of Barunah Posted at 9:34 AM Today
    A contrived, carefully choreographed photo shoot designed to appeal to mothers, grand-mothers, monarchists, wool growers and dog lovers. Is this the real Julia? Or is this another stage managed event the PM’s minders have dreamt up following a marathon focus group session?
    Comment 77 of 123
  • Eleanor Long of Southbank, Victoria Posted at 9:41 AM Today
    Of course the PM's office needs a 457 visa-holder on the staff. How else could you recruit an adviser who believes Australian women are captivated by a knitted kangaroo.
    Comment 78 of 123
  • Wright Voter Posted at 9:48 AM Today
    What a lot of rubbish. This posed knitting scene represents the failure that this PM really is and that everything is confected to create an image that just doesn't make a reality.Gillard keeps pounding away about her "education revolution" but her misuse of grammar shows she is off the mark."Dad was incredibly proud of ME ( should be MY ) becoming Prime Minister, and incredibly proud, I think, that it was HIM THAT ( should be HE WHO )sparked the interest in values, politics, current affairs, and particularly education,". It is too late for this PM to teach the voters anything new as we are not listening.Roll on September 14.
    Comment 79 of 123
  • Cath of Melville Posted at 9:48 AM Today
    Just sad.
    Comment 80 of 123
  • jude of outer west Posted at 9:50 AM Today
    What was the 457 visa advisor thinking ??? great if she can knit - but - we need proper policies and a government that is unified and governing the country , and not more spin.
    Comment 81 of 123
  • rory macneil of Australia Posted at 9:51 AM Today
    Maybe she could follow up with some booties for Billy Shorten's new offspring.
    Comment 82 of 123
  • dnastrand of Brisbane Posted at 9:52 AM Today
    457 McTernan's phoney homey spin is proof of his boss trying to pull the wool over the voters' eyes. Embarrassing, cringeworthy and epic fail.
    Comment 83 of 123
  • Peter of Melbourne Posted at 9:52 AM Today
    The tricoteuse. Women who sat near the guillotine knitting, while the reign of terror went on.
    Comment 84 of 123
  • eyeh8julia of brisbane Posted at 10:07 AM Today
    Madme Defage anyone ?
    Comment 85 of 123
  • Abloke of Perth Posted at 10:17 AM Today
    So leading by example Julia, Indonesia and now knitting, if there is a crisis that needs one's attention at work, I will just drop everthing and go for a holiday or a game of golf and leave it to someone else with the my organisation to deal with it, this way there is no accountability and responsibility on my part for any wrong decissions made whilst I was away Julia you had 3 yeeears to this, it is obviouse why now
    Comment 86 of 123
  • Mike of Southern Highlands Posted at 10:18 AM Today
    Gillard knits while the economy burns .
    Comment 87 of 123
  • John Morrissey of Hawthorn Posted at 10:22 AM Today
    What a charming setting! No monarchist could resist this lovely scene - even Tony might change his vote after this one. Hope that Tim will pick up all the wool lying everywhere before the dog gets at it. The little royal bub will be blown away by this gesture!
    Comment 88 of 123
  • Pat Williams Posted at 10:22 AM Today
    OMG We've had the photo shoots with children clad in Gonski uniforms. We've had the photo shoots with adoring very young children. We've had the rent-a-crowd of young females, nodding and clapping in unison, during a Gillard sexist speech. We've has the photo shoots of Gillard with people with a disability. Now we have this very plastic photo of Gillard, in her best clothes, hair blowing in the breeze, knitting a toy for the royal baby. If the photo had been taken during an ordinary evening at home, it might have had some traction. To say this is at the bottom of the pit where attempting, again, to use her gender, whilst complaining it's used against her, is quite simply nauseating. Presumably, as the tough, feisty, Julia handle hasn't worked, we'll now be fed the soft, female BS. Give me strength. What will tomorrow's thought bubble display? Gillard doing the ironing, while Tim is doing the dishes. A 5 hour photo shoot is clearly very high on the list of what needs doing. Meanwhile, chaos reigns. This is about as pathetic as it could possibly become. Time the advisors were sacked.
    Comment 89 of 123
  • Uber Posted at 10:23 AM Today
    Nice photo. That's a talented photographer. Does he/she work under contract? Freelance? Run a small business? If any of those, he/she is much worse off thanks to Labor's IR policies.
    Comment 90 of 123
  • true aussie of perth Posted at 10:31 AM Today
    Looking at that photo, I see a messy floor, cluttered with balls of wool, knitting needles in a glass? container, Reuben placed in his bed too close to Julia and said needles. A woman overdressed for the part, sitting knitting. I see the inherent dangers for Reuben, with the balls of wool, the container and the sharp needles! Dogs are curious and playful, they also are unaware of the dangers of aforementioned items! The scene is "messy and cluttered", neither relaxed, informal or warming to the viewer! As for endearing me to the Prime Minister, nup! I am embarassed and I reckon one of the corgi's will enjoy the knitted roo!
    Comment 91 of 123
  • Pete of Adelaide Posted at 10:31 AM Today
    This is just embarassing
    Comment 92 of 123
  • Allan of Melbourne Posted at 10:33 AM Today
    Here we go playing the gender card again! This stage-managed piece of puffery shows how low the PM will go to pick up a vote. She is supposed to be running the country!
    Comment 93 of 123
  • Barry Salmon of Toowoomba Posted at 10:36 AM Today
    How many women knit while wearing high heels, i thought knitting was a relaxing past time, not a chore
    Comment 94 of 123
  • dexxter of melbourne Posted at 10:37 AM Today
    Imagine the fuss if this was about Tony A doing what he enjoys ie cycling or swimming, or John H in his shed or watching cricket...What a load of nonsense. At least she will have plenty of time for knitting post September 14th...
    Comment 95 of 123
  • Gail of Attadale Perth Posted at 10:38 AM Today
    Thank goodness I don't have a subscription to the woman's weekly otherwise I would be returning this copy and asking for my money back. Think I will donate my $6.95 to charity.
    Comment 96 of 123
  • Bill Vaughan of Brisbane Posted at 10:39 AM Today
    False, contrived, non-genuine and totally bereft of feeling. It could be a photoshopped shot of McTearnan in a kilt
    Comment 97 of 123
  • MOB Posted at 10:40 AM Today
    Julia should have "stuck to the knitting" and stayed in the union movement.
    Comment 98 of 123
  • Brair Rabbit Posted at 10:49 AM Today
    The mob in French Revolutionary times was characterised by women knitting while the heads fell off. Gillard must be preparing for Election Day. She has already spilt political blood - Rudd, Crean ........now she is preparing for scores of them. Oh dear.
    Comment 99 of 123
  • steve barton of nsw Posted at 10:50 AM Today
    I wonder if this knitting project has been subject to cost analysis, if it will finish on time and will be within budget, or if it will be obselete before completion.
    Comment 100 of 123

    • RJ of Melbourne Posted at 10:50 AM Today
      The spin in the magazine article was enough to make you puke. Seriously, McTernan has lost the plot, and Gillard absolutely stupid to think this stunt would work! And the other 'prop' the dog - how long did it have to sit around for?!! Seriously, if this is the best the ALP has they are in MASSIVE trouble!
      Comment 101 of 123
    • Amanda of Lugarno of Sydney Posted at 10:54 AM Today
      Sad...very sad... not a single positive comment out of 78! Go home mr spin doctor. And yes, let's list Gillard's hobbies against Abbotts. And then all you blind JG/labor supporters, tell us why Abbott is so bad.
      Comment 102 of 123
    • Rosco2 of Hampton Posted at 10:54 AM Today
      There is a wonderful metaphor in this picture...all the disgarded wool on the floor surrounding PM Gillard...all the failed policies, maybe?
      Comment 103 of 123
    • Bob Wilson Posted at 10:55 AM Today
      So what's new? She's been dropping stitches for the past three years. Bpob of Oberon
      Comment 104 of 123
    • John of Gold Coast Posted at 10:56 AM Today
      One pathetic spin for a woman one giant leap backwards for women.
      Comment 105 of 123
    • Billy Posted at 10:58 AM Today
      I hope she remembers to add the kangaroo's pouch, get in it and bounce her way out of here!
      Comment 106 of 123
    • mjp of FNQ of Cairns Posted at 10:59 AM Today
      How much time and effort does the PM actually put into the job the tax payers pay her to do? Clearly not much! Staged and scripted media appearances and spin are clearly more important than fixing the economic and social problems our country faces, and getting real results. Actions speak louder words. In deeds we trust.
      Comment 107 of 123
    • AdamC Posted at 10:59 AM Today
      I guess our Julia just doesn't 'do' authenticity. Maybe Gillard knits, maybe she doesn't, but surely someone in her office realises how manipulative this sort of stuff appears to voters? Also, whoever did this shoot went waaaay overboard with the props and styling!
      Comment 108 of 123
    • GK Posted at 11:02 AM Today
      Yet another Gillard stunt. She spent five hours at a photo studio getting the scene arranged so it looked good for the cameras. There were also six staffers with her, helping get the right look. Who knows who started the knitting, or who will finish it, but Gillard does not look natural in this. If she has nothing better to do with her time than idiotic stunts like this, Labor deserves the annihilation it's about to get.
      Comment 109 of 123
    • GBS of Fitzgibbon Posted at 11:06 AM Today
      What a joke!
      Comment 110 of 123
    • Marcus Aylward of Brighton Posted at 11:08 AM Today
      I recall when Margaret Thatcher tried this they had trouble keeping the steel cable in neat balls for the photo.
      Comment 111 of 123
    • They're all spin Posted at 11:14 AM Today
      @DoubleA of Melbourne - don't short change The MAN. You forgot about all the other things he does : like dressing up in fluro vests, transmogrifying into a human wrecking ball, ironing the odd shirt (only if there are enough cameras around) and practicing three word slogans so he can try to remember them if asked a rooly hard question (don't want to be caught in a stupefied nodding drool again now do we). There's a good reason he does all these things - he doesn't do much else. Like coming up with policies for ALL Australians, not just the mob who will faithfully bark along at anything, the meaner the better. Now if only Peta can come up with a three word fix for the budget? Hang on,one word is even better to remember : Emergency!
      Comment 112 of 123
    • Peter of Perth Hills Posted at 11:16 AM Today
      Finally, we have the real Julia...
      Comment 113 of 123
    • nancy White Posted at 11:17 AM Today
      I've just wasted a couple of hours of my life looking for one GOOD comment, it's a great Where's Wally, Can someone point one out. I can not find one
      Comment 114 of 123
    • Grumpy Posted at 11:17 AM Today
      La Tricoteuse
      Comment 115 of 123
    • Liz of Drummoyne Posted at 11:22 AM Today
      oh oh oh dear....
      Comment 116 of 123
    • Kathryn Cecilia of Brisbane Posted at 11:24 AM Today
      What an insult to Australians from this imposter. A 50's housewife indeed.
      Comment 117 of 123
    • AP Posted at 11:27 AM Today
      The government has spent more time on this photo shoot than on the cost-benefit analysis for the $40Bn NBN
      Comment 118 of 123
    • JennyF of Forest Lake Posted at 11:34 AM Today
      I bet the Opposition are 'in stitches' today.
      Comment 119 of 123
    • Chris TP of Melbourne Posted at 11:34 AM Today
      How many days left until we see the end of Australia's last female Prime Minister?
      Comment 120 of 123
    • nancy White Posted at 11:59 AM Today
      I do not care if she knits,tats,weaves or collects stamps, just don't do a five hour photo shoot with 6 advisers, and think that makes you one of the people. Can someone do a cost for that little lark, and put it in the headlines. Must be a couple of thousand,at least, that could have been slipped into the hands of a BIG ISSUE salesperson who is trying to make a go of it.
      Comment 121 of 123
    • Penguinite of 7316 Posted at 12:05 PM Today
      I think she'll roo the day she took 5 hours to pose for this oh so structured photo op.
      Comment 122 of 123
    • Roberta of Toowoomba Posted at 12:11 PM Today
      Not sure how even the most rabid Labor supporter can stand this total garbage - everything she does or touches is a total disaster
      Comment 123 of 123

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