Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Last Post, June 4

Last Post, June 4

RATHER than defending an Australian Press Council decision ("Freedom of expression is of fundamental importance", 3/6), Derek Wilding's first priority as executive director should be to explain to the Australian public why it took the council more than 12 months to come to make a simple decision.
Riley Brown, Bondi Beach, NSW
The only point I can take from the letter by the executive director of the APC, Derek Wilding, is that every now and then an example needs to be made of someone. This time Bill Leak just happened to be that someone.
Chris Topovsek, Noosaville, Qld
Your letter-writer (3/6) is right about those nasty wind farms spoiling the countryside. Perhaps what the agricultural areas need are more of those nice coal-fired power stations?
Glenn Wood, Bardon, Qld
James McDonald (Letters, 3/6) suggests Julia Gillard could have become Victorian premier and introduced a model education system. Please don't give her ideas, James.
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Claire Jolliffe, Buderim, Qld
David Anderson (Letters, 3/6) says Tony Abbott showed some guts in walking away from the electoral funding bill agreement. Wasn't it because the opposition MPs' phones and email inboxes were jammed with protests?
Roseanne Schneider, Yeronga, Qld
OK, Prime Minister, now tell me us if we should worry about a CFC tax.
Phil Armstrong, Doonan, Qld
When she announced the September 14 election date, Julia Gillard stated the period in between would not be used for campaigning. Has she done anything but campaign?
John Scardigno, Adelaide, SA
457 visas don't come in Weeties packets. As well as targeting dodgy employers, I hope the government will also investigate the public servants who are approving shonky applications. 
Trevor Hay, Nannup, WA
The upcoming federal election will be a referendum on Australia's price on carbon pollution, the single issue dividing the two major parties.
Geoff Parr, West Hobart, Tas
Bill Leak, you've said it all and made us smile as well. There's no one who could ape your unique style. 
Judi Cox, Springfield, Qld
What's all this talk of a female candidate for Batman ("Female force emerges to challenge 'faceless' man", 3/6)? Would that mean she'd have a Wonder Girl as a sidekick?
Justin Baulch, Graceville, Qld

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