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Cut and paste 4/6 Once again, Aunty saves us from the danger of hearing wrong-headed 'scientists'

Once again, Aunty saves us from the danger of hearing wrong-headed 'scientists'

WHO cares about peer-reviewed articles? What we need is a concert by Bono to save the planet.
One-sided condemnation. ABC radio's AM yesterday:
TONY Eastley: One of Australia's most senior climate scientists is highly critical of Canadian research (by professor Qing-Bin Lu) suggesting a re-think on the reason behind global warning ...
David Karoly: My assessment of this is the study is completely wrong.
Another assessment. Award-winning site Science Daily, May 30:
THE findings are based on in-depth statistical analyses of observed data from 1850 up to the present time ... Lu's theory has been confirmed by ongoing observations ... Terry McMahon, dean of the faculty of science (said): "This research is of particular importance not only to the research community, but to policy makers and the public ... "
The People's Cube, December 27, 2009:
I DENOUNCE Qing-Bin Lu of Waterloo University ... Comrades, this garbage is not credible. In the first place, this "scientist" Qing-Bin Lu is attempting to use observations and measurements to back up his wrongheaded theory! ... In the second place, this theory blames the problem of global warming on CFCs, a problem which the government has already regulated; what the hell good is that? How does a problem which has already been solved help us gain power and control and further bolster our egos? ... this proves this man is no scientist, for a real scientist would not allow millions of dollars of grant money ... to go down the drain by saying "Gee, the problem is already solved." This is the mark of a lunatic, not a scientist. So this Qing-Bin Lu fraud has written a "paper" which was published in the "prestigious" online journal Physics Reports. Has Ed Begley or Leonardo DiCaprio peer-reviewed this paper? Has Bono given a concert to fund it? Has Prince Charles flown himself and a small army of attendants thousands of miles so he could have someone explain it to him? ... Until these things happen, Waterloo University, you dare not call this garbage "science".
ABC fact-checker designate Russell Skelton retweets Mia Freedman, October 9, 2012:
THIS column by @Paul-Sheehan- originally said "he (TA) raised 3 daughters, something she (JG) was unable to do #vomit.
Is that a fact? Paul Sheehan, The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday:
AT least Freedman had the decency to publish a retraction after the Herald's news director pointed out that this was a fabrication. Skelton, the ABC's fact-checker-in-chief, did not check the lie. He just passed it on, and let it stand, unchecked, uncorrected and unpleasant.
Tony Abbott with Hayden and Karen, Bay FM Geelong, May 6:
HAYDEN: You made a comment in the paper today that you would like to see more major commonwealth agencies headquartered here in Geelong ...
Abbott: ... it is going to be a matter for the board of the NDIS but should they choose Geelong I would think that would be a pretty good choice.
Labor MP Gai Brodtmann responds, Canberra Times, May 7:
REMEMBER 1996 when house prices fell, we lost 15,000 public servants ... that's the future vision that the Coalition has for Canberra.
PM's press release yesterday:
THE Gillard and Victorian governments announced today that the head office of DisabilityCare Australia will be located in Geelong.
Who's playing politics with asbestos? Parliament, yesterday:
PM: I am a little bit surprised that (Mr Abbott) would choose to play politics with (asbestos) but (then again) this is the same person who insulted Bernie Banton on his deathbed ...
Bill Shorten at a press conference yesterday:
WHILST one shouldn't point score, a search of Hansard for the last nine years shows that the opposition communications minister does not mention asbestos until last Thursday.

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