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M Burd and other..2 Letters to Editor Sat. Oct 3, 2015

2 Letters to Editor 
Sat. Oct 3, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull is seeking a new pitch to Muslims to stem the departure of homegrown extremists to the Middle East and reduce threats within Australia (“PM to reset terror pitch to Muslims”, 2/10)
Four months after assuming office, US President Barack Obama visited Cairo. He said then: “We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” Since that speech, the Middle East has become a basket case, and threats from homegrown terrorists have increased. No amount of platitudes, goodwill or grovelling can make Muslims in the Middle East put down their guns and stop their violence towards one another. The problem can only be solved by Muslims.

Michael Burd, Toorak, Vic

 I wish Malcolm Turnbull well in his attempts to recast the government’s relationship with Muslims through more inclusive policies. We are advised there is growing distrust of government within local Muslim communities. Trust is a double-edged sword. Perhaps there would be less alienation of Muslims in Australia if the rest of the general public were to see concrete manifestations of a desire to enter an alliance with modernity against the stone-age threat posed by Islamic State.
I, too, would like us all to get along. There is plenty of room for all creeds. And we must all play our part. I suggest local Muslim leaders listen to Jordan’s King Abdullah when he says, “First and foremost, this is our fight. Muslim nations have to lead this fight.” And so say all of us.
L. J. O’Donoghue, Blackburn, Vic

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