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Friday, December 08, 2006


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carlitos said...

Sometimes things that appear too good to be true, are not true.
* Note from We searched the archive of Saturday Review where this letter allegedly was published. This periodical is a weekly, not a monthly, so there were four issues published during the month of August, 1967. Of these four issues, two contained 76 or more pages. On p. 76 of one issue, were classified ads, on p. 76 of the other issue, a review of the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. There were no articles by Dr. King on Zionism or any other topic. Nor is there any anthology of Martin Luther King entitled This I Believe.

majdvmphd said...

Of COURSE it's a hoax of Jackson, Sharpton, Maddox, and Farakhan SAY it's a hoax. LMFAO

carlitos said...

Well, at, I didn't see any text from any speech. If you are saying that these quotes are real, why in the world would say that the "letter" is a hoax?

cozmo1950 said...

How about going to the King website and reading the speech?
Informed opinions are always welcome here.
Mississippi Combat Robotics. Go Fast/Hit Stuff.

carlitos said...

I'm pretty sure that this letter was a hoax. MLK did say "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.” Or something like that, I believe in a speech at Harvard. But this letter is some sort of re-write of the "I have a dream" speech in Washington.

tazzerman2000 said...

YES! I had never seen since this before. Amazing. Could Dr. King be any more clear, focused and succinct?
I read that and one of the things that popped into my caffiene deprived mind was the scene toward the end of Spartacus where they all start standing up and saying "I am Spartacus'
Replace the word Spartacus with 'a Zionist!'
I AM a Zionist! 

Word-Drum said...

Thank you for this beautiful statement
from Dr. King. I get a strange feeling when
asked by a liberal or leftist if I am a
Zionist. I know what they mean and so do
you. Next time I will quote King after
I find out if it's alright for the Jews
to exist. Keep Burning Pamela
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