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PVO 7 Skynews APRIL 4, 2012

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Date: Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 9:23 AM
Subject: gs to skynews...april 4 2012 1.07pm RE PETER VAn ONSELEN and Emmerson on Skynews

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Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 1:07 PM
Subject: RE PETER VAn ONSELEN and Emmerson on Skynews
Ian Ferguson,
News Director
Dear Mr Ferguson
As per our brief conversation at approx 12 25 pm - a few mins ago today.
I wish to complain about Peter Van Onselen's plainly pathetic - essentially apologetic interview with Minister Craig Emmerson.
Skynews Tuesday 4/4/12
8 .10 pm??
The following didactic points are made hereunder.
Van Onselen made a few pre - interview 'editorial' comments about Labor's discreditable actions re The ABC / SKY Fiasco - and maybe Craig Thompson scam.
It was the only semi - worthwhile thing he did: but Emmerson had no reason to answer - he was conveniently not there!
This was clearly a pathetic attempt to say something which had no gravitas / implications re the interview whatsoever!
I could impeach it in disparate ways - but what is the point?
Certainly ask him why some matters material he dared not mention to Emmerson!
He was apologetic to Emmerson for having to MENTION UNMENTIONABLES: NOT _ NICE THINGS!!!
Pathetically - this is a reasonable synopsis - VO was mentioning that he really only wanted to talk about China - and sought his understanding - DULY GIVEN!!!
He gave Emmerson a pathetic free kick which Emmerson effusively, enthusiastically  took!!
Methinks it was an oblique comparison of an earlier event!!
Emmerson and Craig Thompson are flatmates: it showed!!
I request that you kindly send me a transcript of this lame interview.
Also inform me as to how to obtain this online - in future.
I am not familiar with your site.
Compare with ABC TV 7 30 Uhlman interview last night - for cute, ironical  example!!
And there is much more: you should read The Australian today and over the past 10 days - PVO may glean interview skills from the content of the OZ.
It probably has 40 plus 'unkind' articles - it is indeed the EVIL MEDIA - AKA THAT ALIEN BOB BROWN,,,,,
Please pass this on to Peter VO. FOR HIM TO DEFEND HIMSELF!
His performances simultaneously almost bemuse and infuriate me.
It varies between the pathetic and the acceptable - depending on how he feels about being seen as a former Liberal staffer - and his ostensible need to curry favor with the Gillard government.
If Labor has made scores of catastrophic disasters and hundreds of mere stupidities - it is time PVO forgot his biases and simply acted professionally.
I have a blogsite that you may care to view: it needs improvements - but not of the intellectual kind!
Thank you
Geoff Seidner

Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Grove
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299


Geoff Seidner
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