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SIMPLY THE BEST J N PRICE !!!! Cashless debit cards protect Aboriginal women and children DEC 26, 2017

Cashless debit cards protect Aboriginal women and children

A still from the #timetoact video. Picture: Supplied
A still from the #timetoact video. Picture: Supplied
The left seems to be increasingly more concerned with the rights of the individual when those individuals are alcoholics, addicts and abusers assaulting women and children — the rights of the victims themselves are ignored.
Empty rhetoric and vacuous, overused weasel words are used to bolster the argument against obviously effective tools such as the cashless debit card.
When those in the sheltered towers of academe — such as Melbourne’s Elise Klein in a recent article — denounce the CDC, they are in effect attacking voiceless, marginalised Australian women and children, enduring a life alien to those in virtue-signalling metropolitan coffee claques.
To witness Labor now align itself with the Greens and backflip on its bipartisan support for the CDC being trialled further afield can be likened to watching it supply dangerous drugs to an addict or weapons to a violent abuser. It seems the rights of the perpetrators come first.
In the Aboriginal tradition of thousands of years, the rights of the collective mob quashed the rights of the individual.
This was a matter of survival in a hunter-gatherer system. But we live in the modern age, in a modern country — informed by the Enlightenment’s upholding of the rights of the individual. And the CDC aims to defend those individual rights against the tyranny of the mob.
Yes, traditional society was based on a demand-share economy. Sharing reinforces kin relationships and boosts the status of the sharer. Men have higher status than women. They are less obliged than women to share. Before money, it was the only way people could expect to survive. Now, in a cash economy, it is an economic disaster easily descending into abusive “humbug”.
When applied to food distribution, theoretically everybody got to eat.
Even then, women sometimes missed out on their share if they were married to demanding and uncaring husbands.
Even the highly empathetic anthropologist Diane Austin-Broos in her book, Arrernte Present, Arrernte Past, admits that children sometimes are undernourished because their carers — wise and ethically minded elders — are so readily inclined to give money away to kin, especially adult male relatives, leaving less than enough to buy adequate food for dependent children.
The demand-share principle is deeply ingrained, taught from the beginning of life. Sharing is deeply emotionally satisfying, but it excludes the ability to budget, to plan and invest in the future.
Refusing to share can provoke verbal or physical assault. The acceptance of interpersonal violence in small-scale societies can lead to ferocious attacks on wives and to “granny bashing”, the young assaulting the old to obtain the means to finance addictions.
Many Aboriginal families have found ways to cope with being generous to kin, proud of their identity but also budgeting to feed and house their families. Most in the remote communities and town camps are trapped in poverty because of unquestioning loyalty to tradition.
Once, people lived in small family groups scattered across a vast country. Demand-share worked. Currently there is overcrowding and dangerous addiction. Addicts expect their kin to fund their addictions without question. This is disastrous.
Klein is selective in the research findings she accepts. She cites the rise in crime in the Kimberley under the CDC trial but ignores the rising crime levels in Broome, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing, where the card has not been trialled.
She does not know life in the regions where research has been carried out, or the culture lived there.
However, senators Malarn­dirri McCarthy and Patrick Dodson do understand this culture. So why, then, do these Labor politicians take advice from inner-city green academics who likely have never set foot in a town camp or lived in a remote community — where women’s and children’s lives are in daily danger?
They should both understand that the CDC helps recipients to combat their own addictions and allows them to say no to addicted kin. It helps them feed their children, and learn how to budget, and to pay their bills.
I know this because I live among it. Because I regularly talk to women affected by alcohol abuse and violence — and because they tell me the basics card and the CDC make their lives safer.
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is an Alice Springs councillor and a research associate at the Centre for Independent Studies.
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Avatar for Tony

Gosh this woman (wooperson?) she continues to tell it as it is on many issues and has maturity beyond her years.
Avatar for john

Good on you Jacinta.

You stand out like the evening star, informed through experience and with the honesty and spirit to speak out.
In my opinion you are a beacon of hope for the Territory..
Hopefully without prejudicing my first statement I consider that  Dodson and McCarthy have nothing to offer Australia.
Avatar for Rohan B

Rohan B
I see enough derelict indigenous hanging around in my area to see that something is very obviously wrong.
Throwing more money at the problem isnt the answer. 
Avatar for T

We support you 100% Jacinta. This country needs people to tell the ugly truth, not hide behind political correct left wing ideology and to protect those that can't fight for themselves. The CDC is the answer.
Avatar for ALLAN

All Labor is interested in, is are there votes to had.    Labor never cares.   
Avatar for Richard

Why isn’t this article in The Guardian, The Age or Koori Mail?
Oh that’s right, there are none so deaf ......
Avatar for George

Most of the schemes for “assisting” Aboriginal Australians were setup by and designed to be exploited by the left hand side of politics with their lawyers, consultants and other leeches. Changing the status quo affects their multimillion dollar income streams - of course they will oppose.

Avatar for Richard

Which collectively amount to billions of dollars each year. So many vested interests, so much money available .....
Avatar for Peter

It is interesting watching the retorts from the left mainly Patricia and her cabal, here you are witnessing a classic case of trying to shut down the argument by verbal bullying as they are unable to mount a counter argument because the  argument is coming from the very people they purport to support. This is because the left do not want the indigenous people to actual improve their lot. If they do there will be one less cause to bash main stream Australia with

Avatar for Mike

We've been throwing money at this issue for years, and it hasn't worked.   Why not try this ? Or are the lefties only pretending to care about people?
A good question...

Avatar for Stuart

Unfortunately the bulk of the money nurtures the Northern Territory Public Service and the inner city victim industry.
Avatar for Stephen

Yes, enabling addicts is terribly wrong.  When the Government is doing the enabling, then the women and children are in real trouble.
Avatar for Michael

Once again we have city based academics and interlopers having a say in a policy matter that has no material affect on their lives , however a massive impact on the lives of Aboriginal women & children, as described by Jacinta. 
I'd like to use some choice words in telling these people where to go, however I shall refrain and say to the inner city charlatans & interlopers. just this: If you want to have a say on CDC program, get your butts to these remote communities so you can live & earn your living there. until such time, MYOB !
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, you are a star.

Avatar for Ted

Just a deep heart felt thank you Jacinta from an aging white male bush pilot.
Avatar for James

The only long-term solution is for indigenous people to have the same property rights and normal local government representation as anyone else. Imagine patronising any other section of the communIty - say Vietnamese or Italian Australians - with a special government department that organises their housing and income. Just abhorrent. It robs people of their autonomy and self-respect.

Avatar for Julian

@James getting beaten to a pulp and sexually abused leaves little room for autonomy and self respect. Jacinta is black and lives among her people. I assume that you're white and live among your people: latte sipping SJWs.If you can't help don't get in the way.
Avatar for Mark

Good luck young woman, you will need it against these socialist zealots, they resolve nothing. 
Avatar for Mark

Hang on. Aren't we supposed to idolise Indigenous culture as something special? I don't understand?

Avatar for Stuart

It's ok to challenge Western culture, challenging any other culture seems to be racism.
Avatar for Nick

Thank you Jacinta for bringing a perspective from the field rather than an ivory tower paid for by hard earned taxpayers money.
Most of the biggest policy failures and wars have been lost trought instructions from ivory towers rather than input from the field
Avatar for Steve

This is a gift for MT, but as usual the silence from the wets is deafening.

Avatar for arlys

Like your mother, Jacinta, you are a wise soul. You both belong in Parliament, along with Warren Mundine. Then we might just make some inroads.

Avatar for steve

@arlys Actually Bess Price has done exactly that, she was a Cabinet Minister in the previous NT CLP government. I have no idea of Jacinta's political alignment though I suspect she prefers to speak her mind without the constraints of party affiliation.
Avatar for Richard

Jacinta is an Alice Springs Councillor. Trying to make a difference at the local level.
Avatar for van cam

van cam
The only concern for the left is their ideology and its rhetoric, no more no left. Because of that, they could trash their nation, or anyone, any victims for a victory of their ideology. For this reason, they could not see any victims who is being crushed and suffered  under their ideologically guided actions. How could they prioritize victims? 

The left are the brainwashed and heartless family of the Human sapiens species. These organisms often live and thrive in the inner-city, cluttering around academic institutions like universities, very active in interfering and sabotaging the cohesion of the society or communities, ideologically guided by their very tunnel vision. They can be undergraduates or professors, or greens politicians..... They usually don't really work for a living in the real world. 

Avatar for Jon

Van cam, you are spot on, these left wing undergraduates, or professors or Green politicians are just leeches. What they say might sound good but it is "all about care, with no responsibility"
Avatar for Patricia

No doubt Ms Price will be thrilled at the Charity Advocacy Laws being perpertrated by Australia's enemies of democracy.

Mr Turnbull. who has dozens and dozens of empty bedrooms at this disposal, spoke of love while he served the homeless on Christmas Day.

Mr Turnbull's Govenrment is perpetrating laws that STOP people like Ms Price from speaking out if they are members of an Indigenous Charity.

Spot the heartless mockery, the cynicism, and the blatant undermining of Australian free speech.

Of course the foreign owners of Australian mining industry will be able to spend tens of millions on subverting our democracy any time they choose.

Ms Price is following Mr Pearson into the Hard Right sucker trap.

You will be betrayed, Ms Price.

The only open question is, 'When?'

Avatar for Greg

You really do operate in a parallel universe Patrica. Having recently stayed in Ceduna where the cashless card is in use, it is a changed place. The decent people black and white who want to give their children a fair start in life won’t agree with you.
Avatar for Peter

@Patricia  So Patricia judging by the dribble you have just written you are in support of the alcohol abuse the bashings and so forth. In this argument you can sit on the fence.
Avatar for Stuart

We can sleep easily as we have Patricia as our democratic messiah. The CDC is working a concept foreign to Get Up! It must be therefore opposed at all cost. They indigenous must be kept as victims as it suits the comrade narrative of oppression by the wicked capitalist state.
Avatar for Brasso

@Geoff J. @Patricia Absolutely nothing whatsoever, just some Turnbull bashing, although I'm surprised there wasn't a little Abbott and Trump abuse worked in there as well.
Brasso's mate
Avatar for Save the Krill

Save the Krill
This is a voice in the wilderness, I suspect.  If those in virtue-signalling metropolitan coffee claques and acaedemia have their agendas (destroy the government), then they will not be listening to her.  It is good that you have published this.
Avatar for Alice

Great article Jacinta. The priority should be on stopping the violence and protecting vulnerable women, children and elders.
Avatar for Kenneth

It is time to stop respecting these inappropriate Aboringnal traditions. Just because it is the way things were done is no reason to give it any respect now. The time has come to tell the truth and call out the abysmal failure the government supported Aboringinal handout schemes are working. Children and women are dying because inner city greens and socialists want to feel good. End the BS and listen to the ones who know. I have seen this totally dysfunctional system myself and we should all be very ashamed of what we are allowing to happen.

Avatar for Noel

@Kenneth Traditional culture has served its purpose and it is time to move on.  By keeping the worst of their culture, they are exposing themselves to the worst of our culture.
Avatar for Mark

If the CDC makes life better for the abused then what would the ALP or Greens have to virtue signal about? I suspect their refusal of the CDC is more about their survival and not the survival of the abused.

Avatar for Brad

@Mark  Labor and the Greens are doing what they have always done. They highlight what they see as a problem of national significance and then do nothing about it. When the Coalition wins office they do do something about it, like they did with buying frigates and other warships, gay marriage and the republic referendum, etc; and then Labor decides that it is in their interest to backflip on the policy, accuse the government of burning money and try to gain some electoral leverage from it.
It's all about politics with Labor, never solutions. This current crop make Chifley, Hawke and Keating look better with every waking moment.
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