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EARLIER BRILLIANT J N PRICE!!!!!!Greens should just shut up and listen...august 16, 2017

Greens should just shut up and listen

The video proves the desperate need for the cashless debit card system.
The video proves the desperate need for the cashless debit card system.
When elders from the communities of Kununurra, Wyndham and Ceduna travelled to Canberra last week with a video revealing the appalling violence on their streets, they delivered a strong message. Those streets are war zones of drug and alcohol-fuelled assaults and child abuse — and they want it to stop.
The video, supported by West Australian mining businessman Andrew Forrest, proves the desperate need for the cashless debit card system that quarantines 80 per cent of welfare recipients’ payments to limit access to alcohol, drugs and gambling.
These elders are crying out for the lives of the children being assaulted and abused. In one of these communities, 187 children are victims of sexual abuse with 36 men facing 300 charges, and a further 124 are suspects.
I know all too well the deep frustrations these Australian citizens feel as they are desperate to save their people from the crisis being played out day after day in their communities. They have long fought for our political leaders to recognise the need to take the tough — sometimes unpopular but necessary — steps to make meaningful change that will save the lives of Aboriginal children, women and men.
So why do large numbers of our media and our political leaders (including some indigenous ones) fail to respond to such clear evidence of assault, child abuse and violence at the hands of our own people but are prepared to call for a royal commission when the perpetrator is a white person in uniform or when institutionalised racism is perceived to be at play?
A television report on the horrendous treatment of juvenile inmates at Darwin’s Don Dale Youth Detention Centre swiftly sparked a royal commission. Yet footage of an Aboriginal man stomping on an Aboriginal woman and various other vicious acts — which in my view are far more shocking than that of the Don Dale footage — draws criticism by the Greens that the video was simply propaganda for the cashless welfare card. This is not propaganda; it is proof.
WARNING: The video below contains graphic footage
We hear regularly that we should be listening to Aboriginal people on the ground to understand the complexities of the problems and to encourage us to find solutions for our horrific circumstances. Well, here is a video created by Aboriginal leaders in conjunction with the wider community, including the police and a mayor, pleading for the implementation of a practical measure to help curb the purchase of alcohol and drugs so the lives of the most marginalised Australians may be improved. No, it is not a magic bullet, but it is a start towards improving the lives of Australian citizens in crisis.
Forrest has been criticised for telling the world that he has been approached by minors willing to sell sex. A 14-year-old I know who roams Alice Springs streets at night regularly witnesses children selling themselves to “old” Aboriginal men for alcohol and cigarettes. We pass such information on to the police, who already know it is happening, yet the authorities responsible for these children tells us they have seen no evidence of it. Just as there was a conspiracy of silence to deny the reality of frontier violence, now there seems to be a conspiracy of silence on the left to deny what is happening openly in our streets.
The evidence of deep crisis has never been so blatant. This trauma is inflicted on our people by substance abuse and violence fuelled by a taxpayer-funded disposable income. However, if a rich white man throws his support behind a group of frustrated and desperate indigenous leaders living with this trauma their plea simply is dismissed as perverse by the politically correct without offering any effective alternative solutions.
The Greens call Forrest paternalistic, yet WA Greens senator Rachel Siewert has the audacity to tell indigenous people how we should think, what our problems are and what we should be doing about it. Siewert and her party chose not to meet the elders who came all the way to Canberra from their remote communities to communicate the real problems.
The Greens reaction is nothing more than the racism of low expectations and egocentric virtue-signalling of those toeing the line of an ideology that is further compounding the crisis. If the video shocked you, good. It should; and what should follow is an appropriate response that recognises the human right of Aboriginal women, children and men to live in safety, free of drug and alcohol-driven violence and sexual abuse. Sacrificing whole generations to violence and abuse does not help the fight against racism. It reinforces it.
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is an Alice Springs councillor and a research associate at the Centre for Independent Studies.
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Avatar for Andrew

I saw the program and if the system that is being trialed works for them then it should be up to the Aboriginal Councils in their respective regions to be allowed to introduce it. For too long the Governments / Political parties have been trying to control the Indigenous peoples to the detriment of the people. I am all in favour of having a card like that right across the welfare sector as we have other people abusing the system along with their children / families as the money does not get through to where it should be spent in a lot of cases. if it limits the percentage they can spend on alcohol / cigarettes / gambling then I'm all for it as this is not what a benefit is paid for - it is for the basics of life.
Avatar for EdwardO

Perhaps paternalism - at least when compared with the alternative - is not such a bad option.  
Avatar for Barry

The responses are as important as Councillor Price's article - it shows the range of views - from the naive to the practical to the acceptance of reality; but not enough seek,to listen or understand, so the Greens are only cashing in on the political opportunity to have a point of political difference, like too many other opportunists within the indigenous issues over the last 50 years.
Only when the left understand the damage they have done with their welfare and their imposition of their values on people who need leadership and compassion and not political opportunism.
Avatar for Robert

Thanks Jacinta for a well-reasoned article based on your own first-hand knowledge and experience. We need more from you to help us understand what is really going on. As for the Greens, perhaps SHY could take her daughter on a taxpayer-funded tour of an indigenous community. She should be able to justify this in the same way she justified the  whale-watching trip, and how good would it be if it actually opened her eyes to reality. Thanks Twiggy for using your money and influence to support this initiative. 

Avatar for jim

Remember the basics card that operated in the N.T for seven years, that was found to be a total failure with no improvements in the drug or alcohol problems so why will this card work,? seems to me they have just revamped the same failed basics card and now call it the ' healthy welfare card' the only difference is the basics card allowed 50% of welfare in cash and the healthy welfare card allows 20%. .Also remember prohibition in the USA failed, people brewed their own moonshine alcohol , how will they stop that from happening
Avatar for Philip

All else being equal a specific ideology may be supportable.... but hey all else is not equal and the ideology is seen correctly to be an absurd attempt at making the world fit into it rather than acceptance that another approach is indeed required.  Unfortunately this failure of logic is oft the result of one becoming too convinced by their own pinnacle of education where one attains the best results by writing convincing arguments to discount reality in favour of an ideal. ...and please don't refer to Trump on this as I have no appropriate response.    
Avatar for Rolf

Twenty years in child protection, many around Aboriginal people who are almost unanimously saying, over and over again, what Jacinta is saying. Listen up. She is spot on. A useful way to use what she says is to use it as a benchmark for judging who is spouting sanctimonious twaddle and who isn't. Clue - she isn't.
Avatar for Matthew

This is tragic, and something needs to be done to help. It is unfortunate, though, that these numbers are used inappropriately by feminist organisations to paint all men with the domestic violence brush.
Avatar for Richard

It seems that most contributors are more interested in finding any excuse to bash the Left, Greens or ABC rather than contribute ideas.

Is introducing "cashless welfare card" paternalistic?   Generally it is considered paternalistic so getting it delayed should be a good thing except when the delay is proposed by the "Left".    As far as I can tell all Rachel Stewart wanted was more community consultation, before implementation, based on concerns of local people.   

In the case of the appalling state of indigenous safety, health and education there is truck loads of blame to cover everyone including many indigenous leaders.  Falsely claiming all lefties are to blame is completely useless and does not advance the debate.

ATSIC was disbanded by John Howard after a review, when it was struggling.   However the review did not recommend its disbandonment  just some major changes.   Putting Indigenous people in charge of their own indigenous matters seems the best way to go to me.    Jacinta like her mum is someone to take notice off.

Avatar for Terrence

The chances of the inner city smug leftist elites ever being caught up in 'reality' seems to get more remote everyday. Jacinta is just so 'correct' it makes my heart bleed. Only when the nation finally goes broke and we all have to start again will this nonsense stop.
Avatar for Tribal Allen

Tribal Allen
The Greens want Aboriginals illiterate, unemployed, addicted and slaves to (their) welfare system. This suits the neo-Marxist cause.

This comment has been deleted

Avatar for Lex

@jim  The real problem is not how funds are provided to these people, whether by cash or by basics card; it is the fact that any money is provided at all, with no expectation of any value being provided in return for it.
Self-esteem and personal pride in being able to provide for one's dependants, in some practical and tangible form, is what is lost when people are given money for nothing. The best solution is to take away all forms of assistance from white society, and let our indigenous peoples decide for themselves whether they want to actively participate in the modern world, or retreat to a hunter-gatherer existence living off the land eating kangaroo and witchetty grubs. Once that decision is made, the rest is easy. Those who choose to participate in modern society can access education the same as the whiteys, and make their own success. Those who choose to retreat to the lifestyle of their forebears, can retreat to the desert to do so - but with no access to alcohol or tobacco, or drugs, or petrol. There is no possible way that the current half-way solution will ever deliver the self-determination that our Aboriginals appear to seek. 
Avatar for Victor

I look forward to reading anything with Jacinta Nanpijinpa Price's name on it. Her articles are so informative and contain so much sense.  I hope those in a position to do what she is advocating will listen and act for the sake of the children who are in such need.

Avatar for Ian

Shame in the greens..... shallow virtue signallers all of them..!!!
Avatar for JasonJ

Every article I have read from Jacinta has been insightful... I hope one day she runs for parliament - We need logical voices like her's when it comes to Indigenous Affairs 
Avatar for Fred

Jacinta I really do hope that you succeed in your endeavours. I know that what you are saying is correct as I have heard it directly from one of the women and elders of communities here in Queensland. Unfortunately the Greens are so sure of their superiority in all matters they cannot seem to comprehend that there might be a better way then their ideas of doing things. They have never seen groups of children sleeping out in the open under a street light, to be near the police where it is much safer than for them to go home. Labor of course is not game to offend the Greens who they rely on to get voted in. I really do wish you well in your endeavours to save your people from being decimated by sit down money.
Avatar for Iain T

Iain T
We were holidaying in Point Sampson (northwest WA) and on the Friday night a horde of people descended on the caravan park. We were told that they all come from Pt Hedland because the place wasn't safe for their children on the weekends!
Avatar for Malcolm

Jacinta speaks from experience & is the real voice of many concerned Aboriginals. It is just sad that the many left wing politicians & commentators just do not accept that they are so much a part of the problem by ignoring reality & then pushing things like Constitutional recognition, treaties etc when in fact the people need real help to overcome this continuous problems that they face. Some of us see these things in our own communities & know the truth. It is time the Greens & those of like mind actually got out of the road & allowed those who know the reality of the problems to be in a position to try to address them
Avatar for Judith

Profound. If only the Greens and others could understand why. Leak did and was castigated.
Avatar for Felicity

Jacinta - you have shown leadership by bravely speaking up on behalf of Aboriginal children and communities.  Thank you for explaining this situation to the wider community.
Avatar for Peter

I rember well the Aboriginal Elder who said she was looking after her great grandchildren because their family had lost three generations to "the grog".
The old lady is dead now and I often wonder who is looking after those kids and their kids.
Avatar for Paul

That video is really confronting. And its not filmed in a third world but in our country. We need to get smarter in the way we help the indigenous Australians. We have not made improvements in the last 20 or 30 years that I am aware of. We keep doing the same things over and over without anyone taking responsibility. We all have compassion to see things improve, but how do we as Australians, as voters find a way to help these people. A way that is lasting, allows for their dignity and pride to be re built, and kids to feel safe at home?

Maybe we have been succored into the softly softly approach. Compassion alone does not work. Indigenous alone cannot fix it. We need to get smarter and more determined to remove this problem which is a stain on our society every day that it continues.
Avatar for Maurice

Must we always wait to hear from Jacinta? Where are the Aboriginal members of parliament such as Dodgson, Birney et al. Suppose once you get to comfortable Canberra the problems in the sticks fade.
Avatar for Paul

This is one lady Australia should be listening to. She tells it as it is. Have developed a high regard for her opinions. Hopefully our politicians have the sense to take note. 
Avatar for Mark

A senior Left senator and minister from WA told me about 15 years ago that the Left's policies in Aboriginal affairs had been an unmitigated disaster.  He has never said that publically because he would be disowned.  The herd mentality of the Left, and the ALP which it controls and the Liberal wets such as Fred Chaney, will ensure the same failed policies continue.
Prove me wrong Pat Dodson.
Avatar for Norman

Jacinta saw you on Outsiders Mate. I would love to see the intercourse between you and the laughable Yarra Council about Australia Day.
Power to you on your path. Please consider partnering with Cory Bernardi.
Don, Norm's son. 
Avatar for Chris

 The Greens get a lot things wrong. I resigned when they voted against an ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme). In Canberra they pressured Labor for trams to replace buses to get a slower, less frequent, no express services, further between stops and with half the seats of the present system. Now Canberra is going broke paying for steel wheels to replace rubber and the buses are going 100% electric anyway.

Avatar for Laurie

@Chris but Canberra has aLabor Government with a green as balance of power. You will only expect bankruptycy and stupidity. and of course higher property taxes to pay the bills. Maaybe you getting what you deserved.
Avatar for Jeffrey

Jacinta has provided a powerful argument for change and good on her.    I agree the more people out there who expose the hypocrisy of the left and their blatant politicisation of the plight of the less well off the better it will be for all of us.
But do the Greens and the left in general have the backbone to accept their paternalistic social experiments and their top down approach of imposing things on people has failed.    It’s far better to accept that a bottom up approach of doing things with people tends to bring desirable change; but the left don’t like that idea because it’s a conservative one.
But lets hope positive change soon comes to these communities.
Avatar for Kevin

Can we hear now from decent people who have been voting for the Greens as to whether they support such left-wing ideology as to fail to address child sexual abuse and violence against aboriginal children and women, fueled by rampant alcohol and drug abuse?
Please step up here!
Avatar for Alex

This brings tears to my eyes - but also makes me so angry. There is something terribly wrong with Australia - that our leaders are so incompetent to address the real issues.  They bang on about issues of no importance to the vast majority of the country's population whilst people continue to suffer - either through violence in these communities - or high electricity bills, or loss of jobs.  It's like listening to the music whilst the ship sinks.  Powerful stuff.

Avatar for Dennis

@Alex We cant have more jobs unless business gets support. Its business that creates the work for people. 
Avatar for Ces

Well done Jacinta. Why is it ordinary people can get the problem but the learned high paid morons in Canberra can't. Lobby them to send their children to the country for a week & then we would get action!!!!

Avatar for Lynne

Once again Jacinta you have clearly written the truth. It seems that the luvies , Green or Left firmly believe that they know what's best for all of us and take their stance accordingly, the truth will to be adapted to fit their mindset.
Avatar for Rocky

Makes total sense. The Greens fervent opposition to this idea or ANYTHING that resembles common sense is breathtaking.
Avatar for Tony

As usual everybody's pointing fingers calling each other racist and nobody is doing anything. Including me.
Avatar for Colin

Jacinta showed her qualities on Outsiders last Sunday; she is a young lady of intelligence and charm.
It's reassuring to know that there are young people who have the integrity and foresight to take this nation into the future.
Avatar for Robert

I saw Jacinta Price on a TV program last weekend, and wasn't she impressive.  She actually spoke common sense . . . more than our pollies ever do . . . and she spoke from the heart about the plight of her people. She did not speak from the dogmatic position of the Greens/Labor  (or loony Left if you prefer) that the only solution to Aboriginal problems is to throw money at it.

The hope of the aboriginal people of this nation are people like Jacinta Price (and Noel Pearson and other similar elders) taking charge for two reasons . . . the first is that their people will (hopefully) listen and recognise the possibilities for good changes; and the second is that those of who are whitefellas (like me) will support and admire people like Jacinta when they say what needs to be said.

Congratulations, Jacinta!
Avatar for Laurie

Why do people vote for the Greens. They want people to be exposed to self destruction without any input from the people who want to help themselves. I suppose the Greens know best.
Avatar for Laurie

The Left and the Greens knows what is good for us. I dont know why we bother with education and going to work. Just sit back and the left will deliver money to us and tell us how to live.  The left is a sick joke.

Avatar for Wieslaw

@Laurie You are perfectly right, the Left and the Greens are simple followers of anarchist and communist Paul Lafargue. His best known work is: THE RIGHT TO BE LAZY.
Avatar for John

There seems to be an absence of leadership on this and many other issues within the Aboriginal community.  There is little agreement amongst prominent Aboriginal people about strategies and solutions to address issues that exist within some Aboriginal communities.  However, these same prominent Aboriginals make it clear that only Aboriginal people can comment on and suggest ways to resolve these problems. 

One concerns is that some of the prominent Aboriginal people who make up Aboriginal Inc are those who know that they profit from dysfunction and chaos - because that is what keeps them in a job and keeps the money flowing.  Providing real and effective solutions to day-to-day problems doesn't seem to be the main aim for some who profess to be leaders of Aboriginal people.  

Avatar for Alex

@John  I understand your point - and our tendency to stand back to allow Aborigines to manage their own issues.  But it's not working. At some point, someone in power - white black, pink or brown - has to have the courage to stand up and show some leadership, saying "enough is enough" - and deal with the consequences.  We expect immigrants to assimilate to the Australian way of life - and yet we don't expect Aboriginals to do the same - why?  We're too frightened to offend?  When 1/3 of children are being raped, we're too frightened to offend.  Give me a break.
Avatar for Darryl

Well said.  Well argued.  On this issue alone and the first hand account of Green politician behaviour, how could anyone with a gram of compassion or integrity vote for the Greens?  But they will, sitting there in their privileged inner city parallel dimension and they will conceitfully and self-indulgently believe they are helping to save the world.  In truth they are just the unwitting targets of con-artists who have a quite different agenda. 
But the children will still be suffering.
Avatar for Yvonne

Jacinta, another excellent article. I think all working-age people who receive welfare should be using a cashless card, not just indigenous people.

Avatar for Ray

Couldn't agree more. The abuse of the welfare system is rampant: the cashless card will force all recipients away from drugs & alcohol, terrific article Jacinta.
Avatar for Peta

Well said. All Australians should be able to live in safety. It's about time that realistic solutions such as the cashless debit card are implemented to protect women, children and men in these communities.
Keep up the good work!

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