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Subject: Fw: Of Viccisitudes and muting the enemy

From: g87
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Subject: Of Viccisitudes and muting the enemy
Hi Peter,
Methinks everyone is ‘partisan’ – it is innate in the way we all are. Where the left are however wilfully blind, the conservative view of the world is different.
I am writing on this........
I tell you Peter that Brandis and Julie Bishop are brilliant.
First she appointed Natasha Stott  Despoya to an AMBASSADORIAL post for the girl people.  Where she will become essentially a publically – mute entity.
In the process he gets her eternal thanks for becoming so encumbered. I remember the interview on ABC TV approx. 10 days ago: it was bemusing.
My blog has not caught up with this matter yet.
Then Brandis does the Tim Wilson ‘thingy’.
Whatever you may write hereunder / earlier today – you have to admire that if nothing else but the sheer chutzpah in similarly silencing Gillian Triggs.
This lady is Wilson’s nominal boss – yet is also effectively encumbered with embarassment. She is of the extreme left – and her organization is not in her control anymore, it seems.
A TV interview I recall as well.
Kindly note that any didactic analysis of things basis an ethereal interpretation of the ‘partisan’ word misses the point. Nor should you enter into other domains – about refugees et al.
[During the next few weeks I look forward to writing a major essay on the vicissitudenous nature  of some people:  in changing subjects as a diversion.  I will send it to you when finished]
In the world of real politic – these guys / girls are ADULTS – compared with the infantile modus vivendi / operandi of Rudd – Gillard – Rudd and the imbeciles who supported them unilaterally.
I look forward to you revisiting writing excellent articles as you frequently do.
Geoff Seidner
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To: g87
Subject: RE: Greetings PVO
Hi Geoff
I won’t read it but wish you the best with your thoughts, I just don’t have time, or the energy, to read that kind of stuff, no offence.

Re Brandis, yes he challenged my claim that Tim W is a partisan, but I invite you and Brandis to actually look up the definition of the word ‘partisan’. Once you do you will see even in his letter today Mr Brandis accidently pointed out that Tim is in fact a partisan. But let me also point this out to you – I assume you are able to see the logic of it – if Tim W isn’t partisan, bc as Brandis says he from time to time doesn’t follow the party line of his political party, what was Brandis doing calling Tim S a partisan, seeing as Tim S also doesn’t always follow the party line of his party – eg on refugees and immigration matters? Very funny that the AG couldn’t see that was where his logic took him…Ooops!

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To: Van Onselen, Peter
Subject: Greetings PVO

Greetings, PVO
Thanks for your comments.

Under the circumstances there is no way I wish to create a problem by communicating with you by further on this subject: I guess any subject.

You could take it as harassment – and unless you so indicate to the contrary you may need to merely secretly look at my blog from time to time. It will rapidly move from PVO soon. May you write quality items with considered thought in future.

Note that the Attorney General George Brandis has also taken you to task this morning in The Australian. He is being generous to you: he is a politician after all. Maybe I too should have been ‘generous’. There are so many twirps of the left: why did I pick on you?

However I promise not to tell if you have a ‘decko’ at my next few entries on my blog.
Humour attempted.

Geoff Seidner 

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Subject: Fwd: PVO IS A FOOL

Hi there,
You sound rather unhinged, I hope things all come together for you in the years ahead
All the best

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