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11/8 Recognise Islamist threat, or take the consequences

Recognise Islamist threat, or take the consequences

BRENDAN Nicholson’s story quoting former army chief Peter Leahy paints a grim picture (“We’ll fight Islam 100 years”, 9/8). If we are facing a war initiated by religious extremists, we must defend ourselves with every resource available. Historically, the first casualty in war is freedom.
But before we can defend ourselves we must recognise threats exist. Who would have thought bombs in the London Underground would have been detonated by people born and raised in England? In Australia, we admit people from societies in which violence is endemic. So it is no surprise that violence emerges here.
We read with horror that people with Australian passports gloat about beheadings they have committed in Iraq. The failure to recognise the possibility of atrocities being committed here suggests a level of naivety which may cost us dearly in the future. Failure to act could mean fighting a war with hands tied behind our backs.
John Downing, Ringwood North, Vic
THE war against radical Islamism will be lost unless we overcome its stranglehold over influential politicians, prominent media figures, the universities, and institutions such as the Human Rights Commission.
They blame the West for the hideous actions of the radicals and advocate the policies of appeasement used since the 9/11 and Bali atrocities. This is taken as evidence of weakness and it is continually exploited.
Its counter-productive effect is seen in the murderous and anti-Semitic behaviour of some Australian Muslims, whose contempt for this country is widely broadcast. Nor can we rely on so-called moderate Muslim leaders, who basically act as a front for the radicals. Their dismissive response to Tony Abbott’s plea to the Muslim community for co-operation illustrates the problem.
Merv Bendle, Mount Louisa, Qld
THE views of Peter Leahy were timely as well as refreshing. They were timely because they contained a clear warning to Australia and the world of the rapidly rising dangers of Islamism. They were refreshing because they were so different from all the rubbish that has been written on the subject in recent times.
Winston Churchill once warned the world of the coming dangers of Nazism in the early 1930s for which he was soundly ridiculed and vilified. I wonder if Leahy’s views, warning of a much greater danger this time, will be equally disregarded before it is too late?
Edgar Gold, Brisbane, Qld
WE should not be having discussions on plans for Australian-born terrorists when they eventually arrive back to update their Centrelink status. The most logical and cost-effective method is to revoke their passports and ensure they are never allowed anywhere near this country.
Any suggestion from so-called moderate Muslims that they are suitable citizens of modern society is absurd. They were radicalised here in Australia. The main issue is that a silent majority of Australian Muslims tacitly support their aims.
Steven Ginders, Ferny Creek, Vic
THANK goodness for Peter Leahy who is able to analyse the situation with Islamists in the Middle East. These conflicts will take decades to resolve. When the third or fourth generation comes of age, they will take up arms as did those before them. In some parts of the world, armed children can scarcely lift their weapons. That’s the terrible reality for our grandchildren.
John Bain, South Bunbury, WA
THE plight of the Yazidis, who are facing genocide in Iraq, drew a predictable response from Australia’s Muslim community over the weekend — demonstrations against Israel. The more Muslims kill other Muslims, infidels and Christians, the more our Muslim community protests about Gaza. One can only conclude that beheadings and mass executions are OK, as long as they are committed in the name of Islam.
Royston Mitchell, Golden Grove, SA
ISLAM is a collection of peoples wedded to a book that has no credibility as literature or wisdom. But it inspires a barbaric, genocidal agenda. Islam is not really a religion but a political ideology dedicated to cleansing Earth of all infidels. Predictions of a fight for 100 years is ill-conceived — the fight began when Australia’s immigration policies allowed this ideology into the country.
D. Clarnette, Rosebud, Vic

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