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Gittins’ shows his true colours- 18 Feb., 2009

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Gittins’ shows his true colours

Posted by  – 18 February, 2009
It has long been known that the more secular and left wing you are, the less likely you are to give to charity, donate blood and generally render community service. Ironically, in the USA at least, the left earn 6 per centmore income than conservatives yet donate far less. It seems when it comes between who should look after the poor and down trodden, government or individual, the left pick government every time. They are happy to ramp up taxes to use other people’s money to pay for the poor, but don’t ask them for a contribution.
Now we have a home-grown version of this. SMH columnist Ross Gittins, and Rudd supporter and champion of left-wing voodoo economics, has railed against donating to the victims of the Victorian Bush Fires.
I find this ironic but not surprising. Gittins is more than happy for Rudd to spend $450,000 per person to primarly prop up jobs in the commercial construction industry as part Rudd’s ‘stimulus’ package, but when it comes to private citizens giving money on their own accord to the victims of a natural disaster – well no way. It’s sick, crazed, etc…

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