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WIKI: He's Innocent of Watergate (1974)


The Goons made a number of records including "I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas" (originally sung by Milligan in the show to fill in during a musicians' strike), and "Bloodnok's Rock and Roll Call", the B-side of which, the "Ying Tong Song", soon became more popular and was reissued as an A-side in the mid-1970s, becoming a surprise novelty hit. The last time all three Goons worked together was in 1978 when they recorded two new songs, "The Raspberry Song" and "Rhymes".
  • Bridge on the River Wye (Parlophone 1962)
A 1962 comedy LP with Milligan and Sellers as well as Peter Cook and Jonathan Miller. A spoof of the film The Bridge on the River Kwai, it was originally recorded under the same name. However, the film company threatened legal action if the name was used. Thus some clever editing of the recording by future Beatles producer George Martin removed the 'K' every time the word 'Kwai' was uttered, creating Bridge on the River Wye. The LP is based on The Goon Show'African Incident (30/12/1957),[5] which featured Sellers' vocal impersonation of Alec Guinness. Lewis' (1995, pp. 205–206) gives a good account of this background.[19]
  • How to Win an Election (1964)
In 1964, Milligan, Secombe and Sellers lent their voices to a comedy LP, How to Win an Election (or Not Lose by Much), which was written by Leslie Bricusse. It was not exactly a Goons reunion because Sellers was in Hollywood and had to record his lines separately. The album was reissued on CD in 1997.
  • He's Innocent of Watergate (1974)
This featured Milligan and Sellers and John Bluthal, who also appeared in the Q series, and was a response to Nixon's resignation and subsequent revelations about the Watergate scandal. It featured Milligan singing "I'm Innocent of Watergate", a song which apparently absolved Nixon of all responsibility for criminal action.

Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan - He's Innocent Of Watergate

Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan ‎– He's Innocent Of Watergate

Decca ‎– SKL 5194
Vinyl, LP 


A1The Star-Spangled Banner
A2Opening Announcement; The Notorious Missing Tape Found
A3The President Works Late
A4The President Meets The Guardian Of The Tapes
A5The White House Intruder
A6A Phone Call To Duke Ellington
A7The Rehearsal
A8At Prayer
B1The Mystic
B2Detente With China
B3A Meeting Of Presidents
B4Britain For Ever
B5In The Bunker
B6The End
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    The BBC producer, Pat Dixon heard a tape and took interest in the group. .... "He's fallen in the water! ..... He's Innocent of Watergate (1974) ..... Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms ...

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