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Matt Hayden on Monckton's Graves' disease still funny to ABC warmists 13/5/2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monckton's Graves' disease still funny to ABC warmists

Rob Oakeshott has been diagnosed with Graves' disease. Andrew Bolt reminds us that this incurable illness also afflicts Lord Christopher Monckton and is the cause of his bulging eyes -- a physical trait that caring leftist, warmist folk findutterly hilarious.

The Age even ran a photo of the climate change skeptic with a headline likening him to a primate. As Tim Blair noted at the time, it was the kind of flouting of journalistic standards that Media Watch should have been interested in (butwasn't, of course).

That was two years ago now. But nasty, witless leftists on their ABC are still making fun of this aspect of Lord Monckton's appearance. (And they would, wouldn't they? They can't beat his arguments.)

During the last episode of the tragically lame TV game show Randling, Chaser boy Chris Taylor quipped (for want of a better word) that a shot of a Tarsier (a small nocturnal primate with very large eyes) was Lord Monckton's passport photo.

You'll see it at the 19 minute mark.

Sure, it was just a pathetic attempt at humour, in a show full of them. But it revealed an attitude. Everything these people do is either mean-spirited, unoriginal, or both.

Hell, the show itself is clearly a vastly inferior copy of QI with a couple of structural changes thrown in. And Taylor's gag was ripped off that Fairfax cover from two years ago.

The whole situation is so sad it's almost funny. Not so much a tragicomedy, though -- more of a commie-tragedy.


  1. If that's true then Oakeshott really should get in touch with Monckton, for his own sake. Monckton is living proof of the effectiveness of some modern techniques for controlling this debilitating illness, but they are not widely known.


    1. How do I contact lord Monckton??? I have Graves Disease and right now am having one of my worst bouts ever. It is truly very debilitating and extremely distressing to see how it has been made fun off by some of the media. You get very desperate and try many treatments so i'm really pleased to hear Lord Monckton has his under control.
    2. Email Andrew Bolt at the Herald Sun and I suspect he can give you a lead on that.
    3. Joe, yes he's definitely coping with it very well. I've seen him give his lectures twice now and he seems very physically energetic -- as well as being very much on the ball intellectually, of course.

      Anonymous, yes, I think Andrew Bolt or maybe the IPA could be the way to go.
    4. Any GP should know how to control Graves disease. For most people it is easily treated and controlled long term. The rare eye symptoms are harder to treat but surgery sometimes helps.
  2. "Not so much a tragicomedy, though -- more of a commie-tragedy."

    Inspired comment - top class stuff. I suppose I shall now find this is a common quip that the rest of the Western World knows about but hearing it from you first nevertheless great.


    1. Thanks. I'm sure someone else has come up with it -- nothing new under the sun, after all. But I've never heard or read it used anywhere else.
  3. Well said
    The left,aka Labor MPs, also display no sense of hypocrisy Hence, Allasleeze can condemn"class warfare" while engaging in it with more AbbottAbb,his own boss thought it fine to(wrongly) call Abbott out of touch for living on Sydney's North shore!
    If you like Bolta and Timbo, you'd surely enjoy Catallaxy Files,as many of us sane readers do. Cheers


    1. And there was all that stuff several years ago about Abbott fathering a child out of wedlock. I don't recall Labor being appalled about that ... And yes, Catallaxy Files always a good read.
  4. Bit of karma here. When Professor Abraham tore Viscount Monckton apart by systematically going through his sources and contacting them and finding 'surprise, surprise', that he had misinterpreted or misquoted almost every one of them (over 2000) he described Abrahams as looking like an over-cooked prawn rather than address his rebuttal.

    PS In writing a Viscount is addressed as 'Viscount'. He is only adressed as Lord when in his company. Most people confuse this.


    1. Rubbish. Monckton did address Abraham's video, with a long, detailed essay demonstrating that Abraham was misquoting Monckton.
    2. Since 1440 it has been both acceptable and common—for Kings, peers and others—to describe as well as to address a viscount as “Lord”.
    3. to address is 'in speech' not written word. As for the rebuttal of Abraham. Have you actually read it? Here are both

      If you take the time to really read both, it is quite illuminating.
  5. Fiona is the typical denier as all "warmists" really are. They deny that there are other opinions besides their own and make every effort at ensuring the opposing view is ignored, dampened down or just denied outright, denying it even exists. So in reality, warmists are really the worst deniers of all..


    1. Thanks Christian, I have provide both sides of the debate above. I have read both and made my own mind up. Have you?
  6. Matt, A very good summary. Thanks.

    Could you please send a note to anonymous (who was looking for help with Graves). He could write to Monckton directly (monckton AT

    I don't know what Monckton used (it's confidental), but I have seen him improve, and so has Monckton's doctor. I know he would like to help others afflicted with Graves (be they skeptic or not). Obviously there are not the large clinical trial results that we would all prefer, but if you were suffering Graves now (and Monckton talks of being bed-ridden for years) then you may prefer not to wait for those trials but to ask for more information.

    He is a generous and very determined man.

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