Thursday, 18 July 2013

Butlers bunkum on Climate

Butlers bunkum on Climate
I notice new Climate Change Minister Mark Butler has renewed his predecessor’s regular mush – propaganda in my IN box.
Do  not expect Butler to tell remote derivations of the truth – that Kevin Rudd’s /  Labor’s policy has no legal status and his ramblings are decreptitudinal dolts for the dum witted!
Gillard’s Climate tax has not been revoked because Rudd’s rambling rubbish about reduction in electricity prices will / cannot  be tested in parliament. Rudd knows this is all hot air – like his purported linking to the fraudulent European trading of hot – air system!
Much like all the inchoate, irrelevant and inane electioneering stunts of this irresponsible pretender to everything. I wonder if these last words could be exaggerated?
It is difficult to exaggerate Rudd’s ramblings: I try.
Expect to hear more about Labor’s creations– Vivid Economics and The Climate Group – push – polling and asinine economics.
Google search will enlighten.
But who has time?
Who could be bothered uncovering all the hundreds of snow – jobs being foisted on the public? This is electioneering Labor style. Snow – job – style.
Geoff Seidner
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ONE LINK ONLY: GOOGLE ‘’vivid economics created by Labor and climate group

Vivid Economics - Our publications
50+ items - Vivid Economics is a leading strategic economics consultancy.
Energy efficiency and economic growth.
Client: The Climate Institute, Date ...
The market impact of a CDM capacity fund.
Client: UNFCCC, Date: June 2013
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The Hon Mark Butler MP
Minister for Climate Change
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Water


16 July 2013

RAFAEL EPSTEIN:   Your electricity bill will drop next July. At least that is how the new Rudd Government is selling its latest move on carbon pricing. The fixed price is disappearing one year earlier, so the floating price, paid by almost 400 of Australia's biggest polluters, will begin in July next year. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and the Climate Change Minister Mark Butler.
                                    They are now in Rockhampton in Queensland and Mark Butler joins us. Minister, thanks for joining us.
MARK BUTLER:        G'day Raf.
RAFAEL EPSTEIN:   How do you ensure my electricity bill will be smaller? Do you force, by some law, the electricity company to pass on a saving?

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