Wednesday, 1 May 2013

great letters Anti-Semitic views have no place in a civilised society

Anti-Semitic views have no place in a civilised society

ALL reasonable Australians should be offended by the vile anti-Semitic campaign at the University of NSW ("PM denounces activists as anti-Israel protest turns anti-Semitic", 30/4).
The campaign that started as a protest against opening a chocolate shop on campus because it might have some indirect link to Israel, has morphed into a campaign of hatred inconsistent with Australian values.
This is the campus which has as its Chancellor the architect of the federal government's education reforms, David Gonski. I have yet to hear him make a statement on this matter.
Where is the moral leadership at the University of NSW? We learn that some Jewish students now feel insecure. History teaches us that the sort of expressions used in hate campaigns can soon become physical actions. What action does the university propose to take to deal with this disgraceful problem?
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David Adler, St Ives, NSW
FOR University of NSW Students for Justice in Palestine to complain that the charge of anti-Semitism on their Facebook page is an attempt to censor them is risible and an attempt to defend the indefensible. Those who care at all about racism and intolerance wish to stop such blatant anti-Semitic and racist slurs seeing the light of day.
I applaud those who have made the effort to oppose this dangerous slippery slope to possible violence.
George Foster, Abbotsford, NSW
SEX segregation at Melbourne University, Jew bashing and Holocaust denial at the University of NSW - it seems our centres of higher learning are becoming hotbeds of Islamism. What's next - uni courses in jihad? Geert Wilders did try to warn us.
Terry Coupland, Toowoomba, Qld
IT is shocking that some students are demanding a boycott of allegedly Israeli products in their university and that anti-Semitic rhetoric is raising its ugly head.
As an academic, I find the idea of students - and some academics - demanding a boycott of Israeli products in universities sickening. Are those calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel demanding similar bans against non-Jewish governments such as Iran, China, Burma, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe? If not, why not?
Bill Anderson, Surrey Hills, Vic

Julia Gillard should be congratulated for denouncing the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, anti-Israel protests that have little to do with the Palestinians and much to do with trying to delegitimise Israel.
Henry Herzog, St Kilda, Vic

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