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letters 2

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As the writer well knows - but fails to mention - is that the rising incidence of anti-Semitism comes from the “left” and its obsession with the supposed sins of the state of Israel. The writer also fails to mention he other cause - the existence of a virulent anti-Semitism amongst some in the Muslim community which largely goes unremarked or unchecked by mainstream media for fear of being labelled Isamophobic. The whole article is one of deflection from the real issues and the mention of Donald Trump is simply ludicrous.
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@Paul I agree Paul,
The idea that anti-semitism is an extreme right wing thing is wrong. It is, as is fascism, a projection of the left's own history and beginnings onto conservatives and those of the right that is the problem.
Dinesh D'Souza explains this very well in his book The Big Lie. n 
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@Paul Exactly. I can bet your bottom dollar a lot of anti Semitism is being bred on the university campuses which are hot beds for far left ideology. A shame she cannot either see where their real enemies are, or chooses not to mention it.
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@Aaron@Paul. The very large elephant in the room which the “fashionable” left will not name for fear of being deemed one of the “ists” or “phobics”. Completely deluded is a good description.
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I'd never heard of Antipodean Resistance, and Wikipedia says its membership is 'very small'. The left is known for its anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian proclivities, which sometimes spill over into boycotts or other anti-Jewish activities. However their objections are more political than racial. 
Blaming Trump for anti-Semitic behaviour is a lot of rubbish, hardly worth taking seriously. His son-in-law, who is supposed to be too close to Trump, is a Jew.
I don't think we are dealing with a major problem here.

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@bronwyn  Indeed, the author's bias against conservatives shows. It is a pity because anti-Semitic hatred of Jews (Arabs too are racially Semitic, not all Jews are) is abhorrent to conservatives who recognise the good that Donald Trump is doing. The author does not seem to have taken note of the US President's recent visit to Israel and his explicit support for civilized Western values.
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The greatest threat to a Palestinian family and their home is the Jewish State of Israel. A good size in Israel would agree with me. They can't have both ways they lost the high ground a long time ago.

They are intitled to go about their life here without any fear same as the Palestinian children should be allowed without fear of kidnap.
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@graham It is interesting - we are told that anti - Zionism has nothing to do with anti - Semitism. Why raise the policies of the state of Israel in a discussion on anti - Semitism?
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@graham Israel has given up a lot of land for peace (land that they bought) to appease Palestinians. Every time they gave it up, the Palestinians were emboldened to be more aggressive.  They do not want peace. They have openly said they want every Jew wiped from the face of the earth.
You made no mention of the fact that these so-called Palestinian children and their families are paid a lot of money to attack Israelis by the Palestinian authority and when arrested (kidnapped in your words), the families are paid even more. This money by the way is provided by gullible donors to the Palestinian causes.

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Blood libel (also blood accusation) is an accusation that Jews kidnapped and murdered the children of Christians in order to use their blood as part of their religious rituals during Jewish holidays. Historically, these claims – alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration – have been a major theme of the persecution of Jews in Europe.

Is this what you are referring to. Contemporary ME popular television, including for children, perpetuates the yarn to this day. Particularly favoured in Palestine.
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kev of Tas
@graham The greatest threat to Palestinins is their own administration and the greatest threat to Palestinian children is dying in a tunnel collapse or some other terrorist related activity.
I suggest you actually GO THERE some time and see for yourself.
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@graham Kidnap?? I think you got that wrong. It was Jewish children who were kidnapped and murdered. Not Palestinian children. 
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It is most certainly not those on the right who are anti-Semitic.  What a ridiculous accusation.
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Sorry. Why target Jews? What on earth have they done? They are good citizens, they don't need a special police squad, the children are well educated and polite, they feature highly in Medicine, Judiciary, and big business, they are good Australians, who contribute greatly to the country. Are they now being lumped in with us white, straight, Conservative Catholics, who are the present targets? There is no place for any religion or group to be targeted in this democracy. No place whatsoever.
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I find this staggering, the greatest threat to the Jewish community is the left wing; just look at the campaign from UNSW radical Left Socialist Alternative.  The left wing in all its glory of equal representation claim the Jewish minority to be a threat.
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Kicked out of more than half the country's in the world for no reason. When will the racism stop?
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@ivan yes, as the Palestinian support groups in Australia chant on a regular basis for the "right of return" never do they ask that for the millions of Jews forced out of ME countries when they had been there for millenia. The Jews of Yemen were forced to walk to Israel on mass.

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