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From: g87
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The Council of Orthodox Synagogues Victoria
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
The David Mitzner Dean of
Yeshiva University's Center
for the Jewish Future

Rabbi Brander was an extremely successful pulpit Rabbi who built a Congregation from 60 to 600 families
in Boca Raton in 14 years. He is world renowned and engaged extensively throughout the USA and internationally lecturing Rabbis,
communal leaders and communities in general in the field of Jewish renewal.  During his studies to obtain Smicha,
he served as the student assistant to the esteemed Rabbi Joseph B Soloveitchik.

Rabbi Brander has received numerous awards for his community service,
none the least he was honoured with the State of Israel Medal of Honour
for Rabbinic leadership in supporting Gush Etzion.

Please click here for Rabbi Brander’s
public speaking engagements this week.

From: Emmanuel
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2013 6:38 PM
Subject: [YCL] Press Release - Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia
Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia

 Press Release:

As one who is supportive of the mission and goals of Tzeddek, it was extremely disappointing that its founder, Mr. Manny Waks saw fit to criticise COSA for bringing Rabbi Brander to Australia . As an organisation dedicated to pursuing justice and rooting out abuse, one would expect it to uphold the highest standards of truth and integrity. Rather than allowing himself to accept uncritically spurious allegations and smears that were recently levelled at Rabbi Brander, had Mr. Waks conducted an honest inquiry into both the facts of the alleged accusations as well as Rabbi Brander’s strong track record in the area of social activism and child and family abuse cases in general, he would have discovered that not only were the allegations totally without foundation, but that Rabbi Brander has a reputation for being a pioneer and role model for how rabbi’s should conduct themselves in such cases.

By his actions, Mr. Waks has sought to impugn the credibility of someone he should be lauding as an example for all Rabbis thereby damaging the cause of those seeking to eliminate both child sex abuse and the culture of covering up this crime.

Romy Leibler

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