Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Letters The Oz 22/4..the resolve..

Letters The Oz 22/4..the resolve..

The resolve of the people will defeat senseless terrorism

YOUR editorial says the people of Boston prevailed (20-21/4). Indeed they did, as did Londoners and Australians who continue to support the tourist industry in Bali.
The editorial makes a number of good points, but it is the resolve of the common people that will ultimately dampen the zeal of those committed to senseless violence.
The populist political responses of increased invasion of privacy and restriction of human rights, combined with the self-serving growth in the security sector, have failed.
All they do is inconvenience the people whose resolve remains paramount. It is the phones and cameras of these people that are the instruments in bringing culprits to account.
Len Ashby, Forster, NSW
THE US, Australia and other Western countries have more to fear from internal terrorism than that of an external one, as we saw in Boston.
We hear Australian intelligence and security services are concerned about the number of Australians fighting in Syria.
What can we expect when they return home battle hardened, experienced in street warfare and indoctrinated in violent jihad?
Could what happened in Boston happen in an Australian city? Let's hope our security services have enough intelligence on those people who might be contemplating a plot. We can't let our guard down.
Robert Pallister, Punchbowl, NSW

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