Tuesday, 23 April 2013

RE Dreyfus.. letters 23/4

RE Dreyfus.. letters 23/4

Dreyfus shouldn't be giving character references to radicals

WHAT on earth is going on in federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus's office?
 Why does he feel obliged to defend the radical Australian Islamist, Sheik Feiz Mohammed, over his part in possibly influencing the Boston Marathon bombers? Dreyfus's comments were gratuitous and inappropriate in the circumstances.
It seems bizarre that the first law officer would offer a character reference for someone whose public statements reveal he holds extremist views and regards Western society with contempt.
This follows the episode in June 2011 when then federal attorney-general Robert McClelland gave an address on terrorist-related prosecutions without mentioning they all involved Muslims.
Instead, he emphasised that 37 of the 38 people then prosecuted were Australian citizens and 21 of the 38 were Australian-born, implying they were a product of the Australian population as a whole, and not part of a readily identifiable group.
The Attorney-General should not be involved in such apologetics and this behaviour suggests that inappropriate influence is being exercised over our first law officer in this vital area of his responsibilities.
Merv Bendle, Mount Louisa, Qld
THE catching of the two Boston bombers has revealed one may have been influenced by a radical imam in Australia. Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says Sheik Feiz Mohammed's web videos are out of date and that the sheik is now supporting the counter-terrorism program "we have in many communities across Australia". We await confirmation by the sheik.
Many Australians would be also interested to learn details of these unpublicised programs and the extent to which they condemn the advocacy of extremist activity by Islamists.
Des Moore, South Yarra, Vic 

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