Thursday, 18 April 2013

Intolerant students etc letters re BDS today

Intolerant students

THE University of Sydney's Students Representative Council has voted on fatuous grounds to urge an academic boycott of a leading Israeli university ("Jewish students slam council over 'pet' BDS", 16/4).
When added to last week's disgraceful vote by Melbourne University students to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher, we have purportedly representative students at two of our leading universities displaying an intolerance and lack of taste hardlylikely to deter those who want to cut higher education funding.
For the sake of what is, or should be, best in our universities -- the pursuit of excellence in teaching and scholarship together with a tolerance of reasoned debate -- one prays that such examples of the opposite will be rejected by those two universities and the majority of staff and students.
John Kidd, Auchenflower, Qld

Last Post, April 18

It is sad that Foreign Minister Bob Carr could not be as measured in his response to Margaret Thatcher's death as he was in responding to the Boston outrage.
To lower himself by stooping so low to denigrate Thatcher when her family and friends were grieving was an indictment of his professionalism.
R. Sanderson, Tumut, NSW
Margaret Thatcher certainly made enemies during her days in office. However, to turn one's back on her funeral procession displays a degree of disrespect I find repulsive.
John Bain, South Bunbury, WA
What's with the ABC's Virginia Trioli's use of "rich white Westerners" again (Cut & Paste, 17/4)? Why disparage the victims and refer to their origins? Is it important to her?
Anthony Herbert, Battery Point, Tas
Sydney University's Students Representative Council isn't interested in freedom of speech, academic freedom or even the Palestinians. Their interests lie in demonising Israel.

Henry Herzog, St Kilda, Vic
Sydney University deserves to have its funding cut because by supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign in academia it is engaging in intellectual terrorism.
Malvina Malinek, South Yarra, Vic
Robert Webb asks why there is a federal Education Department of 4000 public servants but no schools to run (Letters, 17/4). The answer lies in the same vein as the federal Health Department of 5500 public servants but no hospitals to administer. And what do all of those public 

servants actually do? They go to work each day.
Paul Keefe, Wyreema, Qld
In response to Keith Russell's letter (17/4), if you want to get the bone back from the dog, distract him with a meaty one. The government knows this. It uses this tactic on us regularly.
Sabrina Ferguson, Seven Hills, NSW
Sorry, Sylvia J. Hallam (Letters, 17/4), to beg a question does not mean either to raise or avoid it. It means to assume the very thing that you're asking.
Matt Pralija, Neutral Bay, NSW
Could we please talk about children, not kids? They are not livestock.
Jill Thorpe, North Adelaide, SA
Treasurer Wayne Swan ought to stop boasting about Australia's economy being better than other advanced economies since most of them are basket cases.
Rod Matthews, Fairfield, Vic
Well done, Black Caviar! I am relieved you are retiring. You will always be on top as far as I'm concerned.
Jo March, Kensington, SA

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