Wednesday, 7 October 2015

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I see no reason why we need sheiks, extremists or terrorists, or why we can’t export them to the holy caliphate free of charge (“Turnbull text ‘a good impression’ ’’, 3-4/10).
Tim Saclier, Leopold, Vic
There is only one possible deterrent to radicalised minors who come to believe in murder. Their parents should be charged with neglect and perhaps as accessories to their crime.
Robert Richardson, Yass, NSW
Congratulations to Sarah Dolan of Deakin University, quoted as saying “As a university we are committed to the fair and open exchange of ideas” (“Extremist Muslims to hold workshops’’, 3-4/10). Can we look forward this week to Deakin announcing the opening of the Bjorn Lomborg centre?
Mike O’Brian, Mandurah, WA
If Bjorn Lomborg were an extremist Muslim, he might stand a better chance of having his opinions aired at an Australian university.
Joanna Hackett, Macleay Island, Qld
Why can’t we just go back to goodies and baddies and sort out the confusion in Syria (“Obama left flat-footed and red-faced’’, 3-4/10)? How can you be part of the axis of evil one day, and not the next?
David Hall, Labrador, Qld
Eight of Iran’s national women’s football team are men awaiting a sex change. Good luck Barack Obama in enforcing the nuclear agreement with Iran.
George Fishman, Vaucluse, NSW
I am tired of people denigrating Tony Abbott for not having the same level of fluency as Malcolm Turnbull. When one’s back is to the wall it’s not words that count but the calibre of the man fighting next to you.
Zillah Williams, Canberra, ACT

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