Thursday, 19 March 2015

LYNCH, Borecki LETTERS 19/3 - Peace centre farrago

Peace centre farrago
YOUR readers have been misled over events at the meeting at Sydney University with Richard Kemp (“Protesters disown their university values”, 17/3). Contrary to accounts given initially in the Jewish press, I took no part in the demonstration that halted proceedings for about 15 minutes, though I understand its motives.
Neither did I at any point “scream” at anyone. When I showed banknotes to one of those attending it was in an attempt to convey to her that, if she did not stop physically attacking me and my wife, I would sue her for assault. The video evidence now in the public domain entirely supports the account I have given all along.
This whole farrago is a classic case of apologists for Israeli war crimes blaming the victim making it an uncannily accurate microcosm of the conflict as a whole.
Jake Lynch, director, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney, NSW
I ATTENDED the lecture by Richard Kemp at Sydney University and felt intimidated and threatened by the Socialist Alliance protesters and wacky university lecturers who arrogantly took over the lecture theatre for the sake of their political egos.
There is no doubt that these extremists intended to disrupt the lecture as they bombastically entered chanting slogans with a megaphone.
Everyone in the lecture theatre felt violated by this unruly rabble. Unfortunately they were determined to veto free speech and were not interested in dialogue or an exchange of views — unless they were the only ones who could speak.
It is such a shame because this guest speaker was going to open up the floor for questions. Instead, we were bombarded with a megaphone of mindless, childish rhyming chants.
Eric Borecki, Bellevue Hill, NSW

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