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THE OZ Letters 30 Dec 2014

Logical fallacy on God
ERIC Metaxas’ article postulating the necessity of the existence of God, is a classic example of a logical fallacy (“Science turns to God as universe appears to be ultimate miracle”, 29/12). It is true the conditions that have led to our existence are the result of a vanishingly small set of realities, but the proposition that it’s evidence for existence of a grand plan, presupposes that our existence was predestined. This is a textbook example of begging the question in the accurate sense of the expression.
The necessary conditions happened to exist entirely by chance, just as a different set of conditions leading to a different result could have existed. The possibility that life in some form could exist elsewhere is real, and is worth exploring.
Paul Yates, Beachmere, Qld
NOT many atheists will be shaken by Eric Metaxas’ piece. Scientist Fred Hoyle, whom Metaxas quotes as saying his atheism was “greatly shaken”, died in 2001 and made his statement prior to 1981.
To put the article into context, it’s useful to know that Metaxas holds an honorary doctorate from Liberty University, the largest evangelical university in the world, and another from Hillsdale College founded by Freewill Baptists. The article is not the stop-the-presses news it pretends to be.
Robert Ginn, Mermaid Beach, Qld
There is a flaw in “Science turns to God as universe appears to be ultimate miracle” (29/12). If the probability of the random appearance of planet Earth and life on it were a squillion to one, then the likelihood of a supernatural entity being responsible must surely be two squillion to one. The alternative that a creator organised the Big Bang is too fanciful to even think about.
Bruce N. Teague, Point Frederick, NSW

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