Thursday, 19 December 2013

No hate for Israel! Rhiannon! 19/12

No hate for Israel

ALEXANDER Ryvchin engages in personal vilification in an attempt to discredit the speech I made in the Senate that sets out why Australia should cease military aid and military trade with Israel ("Greens ignore Israel's rights", 17/12).
I do not have a "near pathological aversion to the Jewish state" nor do I make "vitriolic and hateful speeches".
I also do not deny Israel's, or any country's need to defend itself. I support a two-state solution, which is the policy of the Australian Greens. This policy recognises Israel's right to exist in peace.
Ryvchin avoids the issue most relevant to successful Palestinian and Israeli peace talks -- achieving justice for Palestinians. Labelling legitimate criticisms of Israeli government treatment of Palestinians as anti-Semitic is a misleading and shameful tactic.
Lee Rhiannon, Greens senator for NSW

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