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4 - The Key
First airtime BBC: 30 January 1986
Length: 30 minutes
Details Will be added soon..
Details Will be added soon..
Dorothy lays out the floor planPlot: Dorothy Wainwright - the PM's Political Adviser - complains to Jim about the fact that her office was suddenly turned into a waiting room over the weekend. Jim Hacker confirms this, as he approved an office reorganisation plan submitted by Sir Humphrey. Dorothy explains that the Civil Service is trying to get her out of that office for three years now, because it is in the strategic spot close to the PM. Because of its location (near the gents' loo), Dorothy could keep the former PM fully informed of the plots against him. As soon as Jim realizes this he decides Dorothy must have her old office back.
When Bernard is arranging Dorothy to move back into her old office, he is stopped by Sir Humphrey. He tells Bernard that she was moved out of her office to restrict the amount of advice she could give to the PM. Furthermore, he orders Bernard to see to it that no one, how familiar, can be admitted to Number Ten without a security pass or an appointment.
Jim has a change of heart...againHe goes to see Jim Hacker about Dorothy's office. To Jim he explains that turning Dorothy's office into a waiting room is vital element of the organisation of the PM's office. Finally, Jim Hacker agrees it should be a waiting room.
When he informs Dorothy of his change of heart, she points out that this will make him totally dependent upon the advise given by the Civil Service. He again takes a 'firm' decision to give Dorothy her old office back. Then they turn to the topic of Sir Humphrey. Dorothy points out that Sir Humphrey works in the Cabinet Office, which is a different building, and the PM can restrict access to the PM's Office. Also she suggests that Jim could give Humphrey's job as Head of the Home Civil Service to Sir Frank Gordon. It is already shared between Sir Frank and Sir Humphrey. Jim thinks this is a brilliant plan.
Humphrey butting into a meeting with FrankJim tells Sir Humphrey that Dorothy should have her old office back after all. Sir Humphrey first wants to look into it whether this is feasible. Then Jim turns to the topic of Sir Humphrey having too much on his plate, and that moving his responsibility as Head of the Civil Service to Sir Frank would be a good idea. Sir Humphrey argues that the Treasury already have far too much work (read: power) already. No decision is taken yet.
When Jim goes into a meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Treasury, Sir Frank Gordon, he asks Bernard to make sure Sir Humphrey doesn't interrupt. Formally, the Cabinet Secretary has to ask permission to come over to Number Ten. Jim instructs Bernard to enforce this formality. During the meeting, in which Sir Frank is in favour of making him the sole Head of the Home Civil Service, Sir Humphrey however drops in. Jim is angry that Bernard didn't prevent this and instructs him to take away Sir Humphrey's key to Number Ten.
Open the bloody door!!!Bernard has Security take away Sir Humphrey's key. When Sir Humphrey phones asking permission to come over to Number Ten, Bernard refuses this. However, Sir Humphrey has a spare key and thus still gets into Number Ten. After this, Bernard orders security to change the locks on the door between the Cabinet Office and Number Ten.
Later on Sir Humphrey phones again to ask permission to come over to Number Ten, and Bernard refuses again. This time Sir Humphrey isn't able to open the door between the Cabinet Office and Number Ten. So he tries to enter by the front door. He is stopped however by a police officer, and because he has no Number Ten pass or an appointment he is not allowed to enter. Now he tries to enter Number Ten through the garden. When he tries to open the door of the Cabinet Room the alarm goes off. Oh look... it's HumphreyJim Hacker lets him in. Sir Humphrey protests to the fact he can no longer get into Number Ten without permission. Jim Hacker however feels that the issue of Dorothy's office is far more important. This issue is really the key to the solution. Sir Humphrey now agrees that Dorothy should have her old office back. After this is resolved Jim Hacker gives Sir Humphrey a new key to Number Ten.
When he enquires who is to be Head of the Home Civil Service, Jim tells it will be Sir Humphrey...or Sir Frank. Jim hasn't decided yet, but ultimately it will be his decision.
Rating (0-10): 10+

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