Monday, 21 January 2013

Cartoon attacked SAT 19 January!!!

Image reminiscent of anti-Semitic propaganda days

I HAD to rub my eyes in disbelief after looking at your commentary page ("Gillard's survival technique", 18/1).
There was a giant image of the Prime Minister as a phoenix with a Jewish star around her neck, rising from the burning ruins of the federal parliament. The image was reminiscent of the worst kind of anti-Jewish propaganda in Nazi Germany.
Justin Said, Coogee, NSW
I WOULD like to express my extreme disappointment in your publication of the cartoon accompanying the article on Julia Gillard. I feel the image plays on age-old anti-Semitic themes, portraying Gillard as a tool of the Jews, whose influence is causing Canberra to burn.
Daniel Guy Goldman, Caulfield North, Vic
I AM surprised that Graham Richardson, Bob Carr and the other Labor politicians who swallow the Palestinian excuses that "settlements" prevent peace talks do not know that the "settlements" cover precisely the 2 or 3 per cent of the West Bank that they did at the time of the Camp David peace talks back in 2000, involving Ehud Barak, Yasser Arafat, and Bill Clinton. They were no block to talks then. They are not now. Nothing has changed except the blatancy of Palestinian intransigence.
Evan Zuesse, Caulfield, Vic

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